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Last year, I was moving so fast that I never got around to posting my 2019 goals and with Mr. Trophy work, ramping up – I’ve allowed myself little to no time, to sit down and blog. So I’ve decided to […]

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Last year, I was moving so fast that I never got around to posting my 2019 goals and with Mr. Trophy work, ramping up – I’ve allowed myself little to no time, to sit down and blog. So I’ve decided to take the approach of better late than never with life, until things become a little more manageable. With that in mind, and even though we’re 13 days into 2020 – I still wanted to sit down and share my 2020 goals with you all.

When it comes to making a list of goals, I usually list off about twenty things I would like to accomplish in a given year, more so like a bucket list than a list of goals and check which ones I accomplish off throughout the year. Yet with so much on my plate and time feeling so fleeting this year – I’ve simplified my 2020 goals, into specific areas with an overlying goal for stillness and simplification in 2020. Honestly, I find myself, and a lot of people I associate with, moving so fast and pushing ourselves so hard that this year I want to take a step back. Whether that means posting less curated content on Instagram, leaving my computer shut for a weekend or just allowing myself to try new things – I for the first time in my life, just want to view life from a calmer, more stoic and less result-driven perspective. 

Anyway, and in no particular order – here are my 2020 Goals! 

Launch Mr. Trophy’s Website || Oh gosh, I’ve been working on this website almost all day every day for the last couple of months and truthfully I even dream of working on this website in my sleep. Day in and day out I’ve been chipping away at this project and honestly, I think launching this sit might be my BIGGEST goal of 2020. If you’ve ever had to do any sort of website work you know taking on creating an e-commerce site from scratch can be tedious but the reason why  Mr. Trophy’s site has been so all-consuming is that we offer hundreds of customizable product – which mean one product alone has enough variants to make it ten to twenty products. And while this process has been tough on my noggin – kind of like a huge puzzle, it has made me extremely self-aware of the unreasonable expectations I put on myself along with other certain habits I’d like to break. Specifically that not everything has to be PERFECT, even though I want it to be, and that it’s OKAY to launch before we have 100% of our product selections. Truthfully this project has driven my desire for stillness and simplification as I’ve needed a lot of both traits to get this far and I am so giddy with the hope and promise that comes with launching this site soon. 

Volunteer At Least Four Times This Year || One thing I really want to work on in 2020, which is truly in line with our principle of stillness is my spirituality. Now personally I’m not a churchgoer, because of the simple fact that I just don’t really find any comfort or greater connection in that ritual. Yet, this year I really want to connect further with some sort of purpose outside of myself and my businesses, which is why volunteering is on my goal list. In 2020 I hope to find some sort of cause, organization or way of giving back to foster connection, perspective, and community.

Settle Down With Matt || Another goal for 2020 is finally settling down with Matt. If you don’t already know Matt and I have dated for over ten years now and to make a long story short in 2016 we moved to Dallas and moved in together. In 2018 we moved back to Connecticut, purchased a home together, in the hometown we both grew up in, and went on to flipping it throughout 2019. While we’re not married and don’t plan to be anytime soon – I think I’d really love to spend this year doing NOTHING with Matt. I mean over the last four years we’ve been non-stop, with big financial obligations and this year I’m just looking forward to quiet moments and settling into our new home and life. So much has changed this past year that I’m looking forward to a year of sameness with Matt Craig and nothing more. 

Reading || Last year I had a goal of reading twelve books and I read ONE! So this year reading is back on my list and the goal is still twelve so here’s hoping l actually get around to putting down the computer at night, staying still and picking up a book. 

Yoga, Wellness and A Trip To California || Going to college in San Diego really taught me to really be conscious of my own wellness beyond just weight. Truthfully I’ve never been a sporty gal, and I always related exercise with sports I disliked, but San Diego taught me to think of exercise as a mind refresh rather than a calorie burner or weight loss fix. So way back in 2016 I took up yoga, ate acai bowls weekly, drank tons of water and walked outside for at least one hour a day; placing a high priority on wellness in my everyday routine. Yet since moving back East, I’ve totally lost the West Coast wellness mentality, so recently I’ve taken yoga back up and while it’s a small step back on the wellness train it’s a step in the right direction. Overall I hope to bring more wellness-focused lifestyle choices into my life this year along with maybe a visit or two to San Diego! 

Paying Off A Chunk Of Our Mortage || One of my personal financial goals this year is to put at least an additional $20,000 down on our home. For me paying off our mortgage is a big milestone goal – and I really hope to set aside some of my savings this year to make that dream closer to reality before I hit 30. Truthfully financial planning and creating spreadsheets about such matters are really motivational for me and something I enjoy doing. However, if you’re goal is to be more financially savvy this year, there are so many great resources like books and podcasts that are certainly worth turning to. 

Go On Three Girls Trips || You may have noticed that I go with Matt on about 99% of my trips and while I love traveling with him; I’d really love to take some girls trips this year as well. For some reason, I’ve rarely done any girls trips in the past and I’m happy to report I already have one on the books for 2020. If you don’t already know Matt’s sister, Jessica, is engaged so we are headed somewhere pretty fun for her Bachelorette party in July, but beyond that, I’m open for other girl trip location suggestions. Like I mentioned earlier, I think a girls’ trip to California would hit the spot but I’m also oddly playing with the idea of Europe. It’s been way too long since I’ve jumped the pond and I’m thinking a trip closer to the holidays would be truly enchanting. 

Okay so do you have any goals for 2020? If so let me know below! 

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