About Us

Aubrey Craig stands for curating and embodying the old and awe-inspiring historic aesthetic of colonial New England living within or outside New England.

We believe that a colonial New England aesthetic is both aspirational and practical. Rooted in legacy and connection to the history of our nation - we scour New England to bring you a glimpse of historical towns, antiques, and our present-day New England traditions. From home decor ideas to renovation, entertaining and travel tips, the Aubrey Craig brand is an inspiring online community that brings the nostalgic New England feeling to users worldwide.

Above all else, we hope to capture a snapshot of quintessential New England living throughout the seasons and within your home.

Meet Aubrey

Back in 2013, while attending The University of San Diego, I started a blog called The Coastal Confidence - which captured my hometown in Connecticut and the New England aesthetic. With each passing season, a lot of new pages have filled my life's story.

My high school sweetheart, Matt, and I settled back down in Connecticut - where we took on a New England fixer-upper. In the autumn of 2022, we said "I do" surrounded by fall foliage, family, and friends. And we continue to capture New England’s quintessential moments throughout the seasons today!

In 2022, the blog was relaunched as Aubrey Craig: a lifestyle brand curating and embodying the awe-inspiring historic aesthetic of colonial New England. Making it the perfect complement to New England Interiors: a sub-brand of Aubrey Craig, created in 2021, dedicated to bringing the charm of New England living into today’s homes. Featuring curated and shoppable historic colonial furnishings, vintage, and antique options, New England Interiors offers an authentic lookbook through the region's style.

As a businesswoman and true New Englander, I am also the proud owner of Mr. Trophy - an awards recognition and engraving shop that’s been around since 1962 in Hartford, Connecticut.

You can follow more of my adventures on Instagram.

New England Interiors

New England Interiors is steadfast in curating a shoppable representation of historic colonial furnishing for today’s homes.

A sub-brand of Aubrey Craig, New England Interiors believes that a colonial New England home aesthetic embraces the old and awe-inspiring history of our region while being both aspirational and practical. We rummage through authenticated antique sellers online to bring you the best antique options that will add character and charm to your home. While also incorporating new and modern home furnishing pieces that will cohesively tie your space together from the past to the present.

Above all else, we hope to encapsulate you to bring the charms and character of New England living into your home.


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