Matt and I have some news: we are having a baby in June! Until now, we’ve been keeping our news a surprise. First, wanted to enjoy this time together and then with family and friends – whom we shared the […]

We're Having A Baby Aubrey Craig

Matt and I have some news: we are having a baby in June!

Until now, we’ve been keeping our news a surprise. First, wanted to enjoy this time together and then with family and friends – whom we shared the news with in December 2022.

Believe it or not – while I’m typing this – I’m exactly 24 weeks pregnant and about halfway through my pregnancy already! I feel like time has never flown by so quickly.

Matt and I truly could not be more excited!

I hope we surprised you all! I’m very excited to share some of my pregnancy journey on this platform. Selfishly, I love utilizing my blog as a place to document chapters in my life to look back on in the future.

The most popular question I’ve received is when did we find out I was pregnant! As you guys know Matt and I got married this past fall and we actually found out I was pregnant in France on our honeymoon. It was our third day in Paris and my period was late. I was suppose to get my period the day after our wedding, so I had assumed it was just stress from just having pulled off a wedding.

Luckily before we left for our flight I purchased a pregnancy test and packed it away, just in case. I was having all the signs of my period coming so I was just waiting it out. But, by day three I woke up at 3AM jet-lagged and decided to take the test “just to be safe.”

And there it was “pregnant!”

Not to be anticlimactic, but I put the test away and went back to bed. I felt very peaceful about the entire thing. Matt and I had already talked about trying for children quickly after marriage – as we both wanted to have kids before our thirties -so I felt extremely lucky that this was our journey to becoming parents. Especially since I know the journey could have taken much longer than what I experienced.

That same morning, I was trying to figure out how to tell Matt.

We had a full day of tours scheduled. Our first stop being The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, a beautiful church on top of a hill with stunning views of Paris. The plan while there was to place our heart-shaped lock on the railings and exchange our vows.

I felt like the timing was perfect!

We exchanged our vows and then I made the announcement to Matt. Finding out we were going to have a baby made our trip to Paris that much more special.

The next question I get asked is how did we announce the pregnancy.

I really wanted to keep the pregnancy between just Matt and myself until we got through the first trimester. We had just gone through our wedding chapter so I wanted a few months to settle into the next phase as a couple.

I’ll be doing a full first trimester recap next week – so stay tuned. Luckily while I felt nauseous I never actually got sick, which I think helped me keep the secret longer.

When it came time to share the news, we decided to do so at our “annual gingerbread house make-off.” Both our families were home for the holidays, so the opportunity to tell everyone at once in-person is such a nice memory.

We pulled it off by announcing before the competition kicked-off that we were playing a game to win extra time to build your house. Then shared the big news that we were having a baby! We proceeded to have the teams of two make a joint decision if it was a boy or a girl.

We went around and handed out little gingerbread house boxes with gingerbread men inside. Once all the guesses were in, our family members got to open their boxes and see if the gingerbread man was in blue or pink!

If they guessed correctly they got a 10 minute head start!

There is still so much to share so make sure to check back next week for a first trimester and second trimester recap. I’m so excited to bring you all along on this journey! And most importantly share nursery details soon.

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