2017 Yearly Rundown

Silver Dress c/o|| Leopard Faux Coat (ON SALE!) || Silver Shoes (ON SALE) || Earrings   Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018! The start of the new year is always an exciting time, as it feels like the start of something new. While I’m […]

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NYE Style and 2017 Recap -4105

NYE Style and 2017 Recap -4056
NYE Style and 2017 Recap -3973

Silver Dress c/o|| Leopard Faux Coat (ON SALE!) || Silver Shoes (ON SALE) || Earrings  

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018! The start of the new year is always an exciting time, as it feels like the start of something new. While I’m naturally an overly optimistic person, which often means I love looking to what’s next, I find it necessary to look back at what we’ve accomplished. With the year closing, we’ve experienced some highs and lows, along with some pretty big changes that we’d like to recap exclusively with our TCC Readers.

The Highs:


This Weekly Newsletter – Getting this newsletter off the ground and running has always been a HUGE GOAL of mine. However, consistency was always an issue, as I would often end up publishing the newsletter later if at all. So I have to give a special thank you to our TCC Crew Member Cecelia, our weekly newsletter would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for her.

Expanding our Crew – This year we added TWO new members to the crew! Our TCC Operations Manager Cecelia and our TCC Videographer Tessie. By adding these two new members to our crew, together we’ve finally been able to create content that would have otherwise been impossible.

Working with Dream Brands – After running this blog since 2014, exactly four years ago now, our crew has finally gotten the chance to collaborate with some of our favorite brands. Getting to creatively collaborate with brands I’ve always looked up to, as both a consumer and marketer, feels like a “pinch me” moment.

The Lows:


Moving – I don’t really want to say moving to Dallas was a low because Matt and I have had so much fun here, but it does mean that our crew is constantly scattered; which can make producing content that much harder. We’ve really learned to love those good old Facetime Conference sessions and I look forward to the day where we are all located in New England.

The Business Side of TCC – This year I really struggled with separating my brand content (creative) with my brand collaboration and business side. It’s hard to negotiate and determine your collaboration agreements without either feeling narcissistic or undermining your worth. This was something I really struggled with, so Matt stepped in as our TCC CFO. His role on the business side has really helped our creative crew stay focused on creating and leaves Matt to communicate with brand’s, which can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Some Pretty Big Changes:

2018: TCC Brand Expansion – This is a BIG year, let’s call it a make it or break it year for the TCC Crew. I honestly can’t say much more than that. I’m a top secret creative, I don’t like to share anything until I’m 100% sure we have the green light. So all I can say, for now, is look forward to some content that’s raw, uniquely New England, and something that hopefully will positively affect our New England community. Can’t wait to bring you guys along.

2018: Travel Time – This year is going to be a big year for us, travel wise. With three trips already planned, our crew hopes to bring some international inspiration to our readers near and far. 

2018: Moving? – In 2016 Matt and I relocated to Dallas Texas for work. Now that it is 2018, our two years relocation time period is almost up, which means this could be a big year for us with a location change. While moving can be stressful, I can’t wait to see where we might end up and whether we rent or buy, WHO KNOWS! 


Overall, we wanted to end the year on a grateful note! Our crew is so grateful for each and every one of you; between the kind messages you send our way, to getting to finally meet a few of you in person, our main goal for 2018 is truly connecting more authentically and in real time with all of you. Happy 2018 guys, and below I’ve recapped some of our favorite moments from 2017, wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year! xx Aubrey. 


Scenic Route Photo Run - The Coastal Confidence - 2

In January, Matt and I were starting to feel settled in Dallas. For a while I struggled with working from home in a city that I knew no one in, to be honest, it was really lonely. In January I branched out and ended up getting a part-time job at one of my favorite retailers, to meet local Texans. This change really uplifted my mood and allowed me to connect with people I’d never otherwise have met. January is the perfect time to branch out, meet new people and further invest yourself in your local community. 

February:How We Surprised Matt with Super Bowl Tickets- The Coastal Confidence - 2

How We Surprised Matt with Super Bowl Tickets- The Coastal Confidence - 6
valentines day - the coastal confidence - 7

In February my parents were kind enough to help me surprise Matt with tickets to the Super Bowl! Matt has always been a football fanatic, and with the Super Bowl being in Houston on his birthday weekend, the cards just kind of fell into place and we were able to find tickets two days before the big game on Craigslist. You can read about the big surprise and our time at the Super Bowl in this blog post

March:My College Experince -40

gingham at the harwood grove -5415
New England Closet Staple - The Yellow Jacket-11

APRIL:Eating Healthy on Vacation-7868

Pineapple Shorts in Aruba-9637
On Island Time-8571

In April my family, Matt and I, went to Aruba for Easter. Both Matt and I are so fortunate to have both the time and ability to travel with ease. To be honest my job and content can feel a little stagnant, so having time to relax is key when it comes to recharging your batteries to get your creative juices back. Make sure to check out our recap of our Aruba trip here, here and here.

MAY:Lakeside Style-3614

7 Tips on Moving to a New City after College Graduation-4971
The Perfect White Tee-2699

JUNE:72 Hours in Westin-5159

Afternoon on the Riverwalk -5614
Serendipity- Turning 23 & Birthday Week-4584

June is always a jam-packed month for our TCC Crew, partically because it’s my birthday month and because New England’s lifestyle truly takes on a life of its own come summer. Matt and I packed June with Texas roadtrips like Austin, Gruene and San Antonio; before heading back up to New England to capture the coastline. 

JULY: How to stay cool and stylish in the summer heat-0573

How I edit my blog photos-0884
How to create a media kit for your blog - The Coastal Confidence

AUGUST: How to make long distance work -7699

How to make long distance work -7969
How to come up with content, for your blog_3449

In August, Matt and I planned a last moment trip to Ireland. Visiting Ireland was actually on our 2017 Bucket List,  you can see everything we had on the bucket list in this recap post for 2016. So basically, we jumped at the opportunity to visit Ireland once the flights had dropped. You can view our Irealnd trip here, here, here and here

September: Falconry at Ashford Castle-8673

Cliffs of Moher-6929
My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England 2 - C

OCTOBER:5 Best Corn Mazes in CT - The Coastal Confidence

Brooks Brothers' HOCR style
 Girlfriend's Guide to Football Sunday-53

NOVEMBER: November Bucket List-8705

Thanksgiving Travel Tips-6965
Thorncrest Farm & Milk House Chocolates-5851
Scallop Hem Cape along with Mistletoe and Holly-1879
Holiday Ice Cream Bar with Graeter's-2-12

DECEMBER: 7 Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Fella-3426

Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0231
Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1013
7 Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Fella-3186
holiday photo-0531


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