Just like that 2016 is over & looking back now I think 2016 was the year of change. From graduating college to launching my blogging career full time, at the start of 2016, in and of itself was a big […]

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home-for-the-holidays-the-coastal-confidence-3Just like that 2016 is over & looking back now I think 2016 was the year of change. From graduating college to launching my blogging career full time, at the start of 2016, in and of itself was a big change.

Not to mention that transitioning from blogging for fun to blogging for business, was a rocky road. I spent a good three months, just trying to figure out my groove, brand direction & how to create better, prettier & more valuable content. I learned a lot about the blogging industry this year, and shared a lot of blogging tips & lessons I’ve learned with you all here, here, & here

Blogging sounds simple but I’m a perfectionist, which results in a lot of reshooting photos, aiming to create better content & driving hours to a specific location for just a few pictures. So basically, my photographers aka Matt and my Mom, slightly want to murder me. They say photoshoot Aubrey is the worst, apparently she runs a tight ship. 

To be honest, the change I’m most proud of is growing our TCC Crew from just me to a crew of SEVEN! I’m actually shocked thinking about that. I’m so lucky to have readers and workers that are just as passionate about The Coastal Confidence brand, as I am. I’m truly grateful for each crew member & the special talents they bring to our brand, it wouldn’t be the same without you guys.

 Oh & let’s not forget the biggest change of all….when Matt & I found out we were moving to Dallas. If you had told me last January that I’d be moving to Dallas with Matt, I would have laughed. Literally laughed. Dallas wasn’t even in our minds last January, actually Matt & I had planned to move to Boston or back to Connecticut. We were already looking at apartments in Massachusetts when he found out he was being placed in Dallas. 

I’ll remember Matt calling me & saying ‘We’re moving to the BIG D’ & I was like they are sending us to DENVER!!!! NOOOOOO. Moving to Dallas came with it’s ups, like Matt & I moving in together, decorating our first apartment, meeting new friends, and working on a few secret TCC projects coming to you all soon.

& oh boy did the move come with it’s downs, like missing New England, having to travel back to New England monthly to uphold my New England brand, & having to deal with the Dallas heat during fall photo shoots, it was actually 100 degrees during this shoot!

I’ll be honest though, looking back on 2016 I’m quite proud of myself.

Change can be hard, like really hard, but I believe I handled it well. I took a lot of risks, which wasn’t easy but I feel like I’ve grown the most over this year and from taking those risks. I think taking leaps and looking forward to the unknown, is what living is about. 

Okay, so let’s talk about my favorite thing, the future! Matt & I are so ready to kill 2017, how do you guys feel about this upcoming year? Dish your resolutions, year goals, and travel plans below!

Next week I’ll be sharing my top three New Year Resolutions and in terms of our own plans for 2017, Matt & I are trying to make it to Ireland this year! He’s never been to Europe and we feel like it’d be fun!

I’ve always wanted to visit so we are making it a point this year to spend our money on travel and not on stuff. Oh & in terms of business plans, we have a few fun things up our sleeve for 2017 & even more for 2018! Matt & I have been working hard to bring you bigger, more creative and better content, so sit back and enjoy! 

Anyway we wanted to end the year on a grateful note! You guys are literally the reason I get out of bed at 8am every morning! Below I’ve recapped some of our favorite moments of 2016, I hope you guys enjoy! xx Aubrey. 


conneticut blogger
new balance

In January I moved back to New England after graduating early from college & celebrated by buying a kitten, obviously my parents were not thrilled, but Eloise is literally my go to kitten and if you follow me on snapchat, (aubreyrose740) you’ll see her often.


white new england home
camel top

February was our busiest month when it came to filling TCC at Home orders, our crew launched over four new mugs and three new wall decor signs, within the year! Our crew is still blown away by your support, we even had to revamp the site to meet your order demands!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and keep snapping me pictures of you with your #tccathome goodies. 

Marchneed coffee

new england style 3


vineyard vines3
mystic mug 1

In April I headed to Punta Cana with my family! If you are looking to travel somewhere tropical in 2017, add Punta Cana to your lists. It’s one of my favorite places to visit and you can read all about our trip here, here, & here.

Maythe coastal confidence

graduation style
reel talk tcc

Headed to San Diego to grab that diploma in person, I highly recommend walking with your class even if you graduate early. the experience is literally the definition of nostalgia and who wouldn’t want to visit San Diego one last time! I even whipped up a San Diego travel guide for anyone interested in visiting. 

June:new england

tulips & white jeans
nantucket home


new england style
red sox
new england farms
straw hat
best lobster rolls

Augustgroton long point home

new england lifestyle
retro style
driskill breakfast
ice cream
texas waffle

Summer in New England was filled with Farmer’s Markets, finding the best lobster rolls in Connecticut, visiting Austin for the first time & endless trips to the berry farm! Raspberries are my ultimate go-to so you would find me visiting the berry farm at least once a week & whipping up some raspberry pancakes the moment I got home. 


nautical life
tassel necklace



Fall 2016 was by far the most exciting time for Matt & I! We were finally getting settled in Dallas and exploring our new city. We launched our most popular mug yet on the TCC at Home Store & completely fell in love with Texas football! I can now say, I’m a football addict & Matt can thank Texas for that, we even got to visit my brother at UT Austin and see those longhorns FIGHT



November is always my favorite month because, well you know, pumpkin spice lattes, sugared donuts, apple cider, cozy sweater, cute vests, apple picking…the list goes on & on. Basically November is the most ‘basic’ but acceptable instagram month, it’s the one time you can let your basic flag fly and no one judges. 



& that brings us full circle! I can’t believe this year & I really encourage you to take ten to twenty minutes out of your day and write what you have accomplished, struggled through, overcame and rocked in 2016! I always dread writing these posts, but when all is said and done, they are my favorite to look back on. Sending you all love & have a safe and rocking New Year’s Eve!

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