A New England Living Room Reveal

I’m beyond excited to finally share our newly furnished living room! Curating the concept for this space took some time to brainstorm as we wanted to maximize seating in our deep, yet narrow living room. Let’s break down where each […]

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Aubrey Craig Living Room

I’m beyond excited to finally share our newly furnished living room!

Curating the concept for this space took some time to brainstorm as we wanted to maximize seating in our deep, yet narrow living room.

Let’s break down where each piece was purchased, how the layout works, and our overall inspiration for the space.

I started with one goal: our living room must comfortably seat six! I have a large family and wanted enough room for people to gather without feeling crammed. We kept getting stuck on how to maximize seating while also making sure the pieces we picked didn’t take up too much floor space. So after researching interior designers, I made an appointment with Lauren from Studio Laloc on The Expert.

My experience with the service was top-notch. Within our 1-hour virtual call we decided on a sofa, chairs and layout. If you’re in the market for an interior designer, I highly recommend taking the same route, as it was worth every penny to have the professional advice.

Living room curtains were the hardest decision for me to make. When the time came for me to choose an option I honestly didn’t like a lot of what the bigger furniture stores had to offer. It also doesn’t help that our home has very long custom-sized windows and low ceilings.

If you follow me on New England Interiors then you know I purchase a lot of my home decor pieces from small businesses and sites like Charish & Etsy. During my search for “houndstooth curtains” while scrolling through Etsy, I stumbled upon the brand Spiffy Spools – and I’m so beyond grateful I did!

From Etsy, I popped over to their brand website where I found a selection of over 2000 fabrics! Excitedly, I ordered dozens of samples and they arrived doorstep within a week. We ended up choosing two panels in Husky Beige with blackout lining and a triple pinch pleat top.

Admittedly, I was a little hesitant about buying curtains online – site unseen – but the customer service I received from the Spiffy Spools team was spectacular. The curtains came in record time and surpassed both Matt and I’s expectations. The final curtain look gives our living room just the collegiate library vibe we were aiming for! You can use code 15OFFTCC for 15% off your curtain purchase at Spiffy Spools from now until September.

As for the furniture, many of the pieces were purchased last November during Black Friday sales. They’ve made their way to us over the past eight months – starting with the Delaney Chair from Anthropologie.

Seating For Six: The Delaney Chairs were recommended to me by Lauren during our The Expert call. I wanted to fit two club chairs in front of the large windows. But, I couldn’t find too that were small profile enough to fit. So, I was ecstatic when she recommended the Parson-style chairs in velvet. I chose Gold but, the chairs come in a large variety of colors and fabrics.

Lauren also introduced me to a new small business called Clad Home. It’s where I ordered my leather English roll sofa. Now, I could comfortably fit five people in my living room. So, to get that sixth person a seat, Lauren suggested putting a swivel chair in front of the fireplace. What a game-changer! Matt and I selected a very simple white slip cover swivel chair. It has quickly become my favorite place in the room to sit!

The Vintage Rug: I picked gold velvet for the chairs because I wanted to play up the colors in this GORGEOUS rug from New England Loom. It is literally what my dreams are made of! The pops of yellow within the rug perfectly complement the yellow chairs.

I have a weakness for vintage rugs. Meaning, that almost every rug in my home is vintage. If you’re looking to invest in one yourself – I highly recommend following both New England Loom and District Loom on Instagram. These ladies source the best-of-the-best and I luckily have pieces from both stores in my own home! Not to mention, who doesn’t love looking at a timeless rug while supporting a women-owned small business?!

The Antiques: Speaking of antiques, the bookcases on either side of our large windows are also antiques. We purchased the bookcases from one of my favorite local antique shops Housatonic Trading Co. A gift to myself on my 27th birthday!

Our sideboard, turned media counsel, is from a furniture company in Dallas called The CEH. The piece is one of my favorites in the room!

And finally, our oversized square coffee table is also an antique from Charish. I really wanted a large square burlwood coffee table. But, the cost for a new, custom-made one was outside of my price range. So, when I saw this art deco coffee table listed for under $2,000, I took a leap and purchased it. Don’t regret it one bit! I love my oversized coffee table, as it fills up the room and is a great place to gather with friends over a cheeseboard or card game.

Spiffy Spool Curtains and Anthropologie Chairs Aubrey Craig

I’m so happy with the final turnout of our living room. It feels fun, savvy, and unique to me – thanks to the usage of antiques and online finds. My hope is by sharing our home, you’re inspired with your own ideas!

Thank you to Spiffy Spools for the gifted curtains in this post.

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