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Matt’s Shirt || Matt’s Shorts || Matt’s Watch || Dress || Sunglasses || Bracelet || Necklace || Towel This weekend was kind of all over the place to be honest, a lot happened and a lot of BIG changes will be happening […]

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Matt’s Shirt || Matt’s Shorts || Matt’s Watch || Dress || Sunglasses || Bracelet || Necklace || Towel

This weekend was kind of all over the place to be honest, a lot happened and a lot of BIG changes will be happening in the near future (so get excited).

I will say I am not the best when it comes to change. I’m a very plan everything out kind of girl, sooooo when something comes up unexpectedly it kills my vibe BIG TIME.

Change is basically my number one stress trigger but it also gets me super excited about what’s to come (ahhhhh). I can’t wait to bring you guys along for the journey but that is all I’m saying for now.

So with my life being semi-more stressful I’m SOOOO thankful that this upcoming weekend is the 4th of July, the timing could not be better.

As you all know, the 4th is basically my favorite holiday and a perfect excuse to relax and just enjoy the moment. Matt & I will be heading up to New Hampshire for the 4th of July, but before we went we wanted to show you guys our cute festive outfits!

preppy men style
new england beach
boyfriend style
4th of July style

Red, White & Blue outfits are a must for us American Kids on the 4th of July.

I’m currently obsessed with this new scalloped dress I recently got from Southern Tide. Scalloped clothing seems to be all the rage this year, so when my eyes scrolled onto this dress I instantly had to put it in my cart (can you blame me though?).

Matt went for a classic New England style, a white polo shirt & classic preppy shorts. I love seeing all the New England men in their insanely colorful shorts during the summer months. Just another thing about New England that I love.

If you are headed to the beach for this upcoming holiday weekend, you best be bringing this gigantic beach towel. Every gal needs a gigantic beach towel, trust me!

SheratonLogo2 (11)

southern tide style.!
white southern tide polo

To be honest I love spending as much time as possible with Matt, especially now that we are within driving distance. You’ll start seeing a lot more of him over here on la blog, so I hope you guys are ready!

Okay let’s be honest, who you surround yourself with plays a big part in how you live your life. Surrounding yourself with negative people is literally pointless, but sometimes we still do it.

Soooo I urge you to focus on making this 4th of July the best yet by surrounding yourself with people that make you LOL. Matt & I literally had the best time shooting these pictures and it reminded me how important it is to surround yourself with people who will give you piggyback rides and make you laugh.

& if you want to spend the 4th with Matt and I, then make sure to head over to la snapchat: aubreyrose740. We keep things interesting to say the least.

southern tide style
southern tide boyfriend style

the coastal confidence

summer style
southern tide towel

Okay now dish! I want to hear what you guys are wearing/doing below!? Make sure to comment sharing your weekend plans & your go to outfits. I basically live in dresses & the one I’m wearing is perfect for any 4th of July event, sooooo if you are still hunting for an outfit I recommend one of these. xx A

southern tide

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  1. oh my goodness, these pictures are the CUTEST! You look gorgeous, love! If you get a free moment, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

    Fash Boulevard

  2. Every time Matt’s in one of your posts I can’t believe how good you two look together. Seriously, such a beautiful couple.
    Since I’m not american I won’t be celebrating 4th of July. But I’m heading to the Spanish desert for a festival and I’ll think of all my american friends while sipping a glass (jug!) of sangria.
    X Alex

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