Aubrey’s 10 Beloved Finds From 2018

    We are one week into the new year and off to the races. And while these last couple of days have been a whirlwind, I always make time to read other blogger’s New Year’s resolutions, year in reviews […]

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Visiting Provincetown for the first time Aubrey yandow the coastal confidence
We are one week into the new year and off to the races. And while these last couple of days have been a whirlwind, I always make time to read other blogger’s New Year’s resolutions, year in reviews and goals for the new year. I always find these articles inspiring but also so relatable, as we look back over the year. I’ve read so many of these articles in the last couple of days, including my own, and one thing seems to be a resonating theme for 2019, purchasing less and investing in more. 
Which got me thinking, what are my beloved finds from 2018? What did I purchase that I use, restyled and barely parted with, where did I go that I want to revisit and what items in my home made me feel more efficient? All of these questions resulted in a pretty hefty closet clear out but also an appreciation for those beloved finds of 2018. Scroll down below to see what they are. 

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#1. Chappy Wrap

It truly is cold outside and it just seems to be getting colder with each passing day, which makes me grateful for my Chappy Wrap. These reversible, extra large, cotton-blend blankets are not only soft and durable but also the warmest blankets you’ll ever purchase. It is such a good find, in fact, my parents told me the other day that when I move out I have to leave the Chappy Wrap with them, how rude. 





#2. Philosophy’s Renewed Hope In A Jar Concentrate 

This was a product I rediscovered this year. I use to use this concentrate every night in college but once I ran out, I simply forgot to restock. So when I went to Nantucket for the PopSugar House and met with the Philosophy team, I felt like I was being introduced to an old friend. I love applying this concentrate on my face and massaging it into my skin with my favorite jade roller. 

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#3. Mini Bags 

 Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to wallets and bags. In college, I was always lugging around a huge Kate Spade tote or Longchamp bag filled to the brim with stuff, but as computers have turned to iPads and headphones have turned to airpods, I don’t feel the need to be lugging around big bags. In 2018 I got rid of all my designer satchels and traded them in for mini bags. Some of my favorite mini bags are showcased here, here and here. 





#4. Charleston 

To simply put it, I’m in love. You can read more about my time in Charleston in this blog post. 





#5. OXO Containers

Matt and I started off 2018 in Dallas by organizing our pantry. It was a big to-do and our Youtube video on the topic actually went viral, believe it or not. All and all through the experience I fell in love with OXO containers. I started the process off with just their starter pack which quickly turned into an entire pantry full of OXO containers





#6Dry Bar Shower Cap 

I have a really dry scalp so I often wash my hair every other day, but still, like to take showers daily; which is where this shower cap comes into fruition. It’s by far the best working shower cap out there and I promise you it’s a shower must.

what to do in Newport Rhode Island The Coastal Confidence





#7. Red Lips

 I fell in love with red lipstick as we got more consistent with filming Youtube. I often feel like my face can fall flat, since I have very small neutral toned lips, on camera. I use to be so afraid of red lips but as soon as I started wearing them for Youtube I found myself wearing them everywhere. All I have to say is take a risk with lipstick! 




#8. Canon PowerShot G5 X Digital Camera 

Sometimes I want a great picture but not with my eight-pound camera. I was really unsure if this camera was worth the investment and I’m here to say, it was. From shooting videos on the go to scenic pictures, I always throw this camera in my mini bag just in case there’s something worth capturing. 

Texas Bluebonnets Barbour Jacket The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow





#9. Nespresso Machine 

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know how much I love this Nespresso machine. It’s made several appearances on my stories and I have to say it is easily one of my most used items of 2018. 






#10. Phone Charging Mat 

You know something is worth investing in if you and your siblings fight over it, am I right? My dad was actually the first one to purchase a phone charging mat, and he conservatively placed it in the family room for all to use. However quickly he had to upgrade from the charging mat to the charging tray so my siblings and I could all charge our devices at the same time. 

Coffee Grinder Newport Rhode Island The Coastal Confidence


Okay, that about wraps up Aubrey’s 10 beloved finds from 2018, on that note what was an item or place you found that you look forward to utilizing or revisiting in 2019? Let us know below.
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