Charleston Itinerary For Spring Break

[outfit_details] Hey guys and happy Friday, this post was highly requested over on my Instagram, so I hope you like it! I feel like a broken record saying this, but Charleston was truly one of the prettiest places I’ve visited so […]

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Hey guys and happy Friday, this post was highly requested over on my Instagram, so I hope you like it! I feel like a broken record saying this, but Charleston was truly one of the prettiest places I’ve visited so far. Whether you’re renting a bike and strolling down the battery or walking through the colonial streets of residential downtown; it is hard to ignore Charleston’s deep historical roots. Almost all the buildings downtown were historic in some way and getting to see the colonial city first hand was extraordinary. 

If you’re a fan of Boston then I really think you would like Charleston, SC. I do however know all too well how hard it can be planning a trip, so today I’m sharing my Charleston Itinerary for spring break with you all. I hope this makes planning your next trip to this city less stressful, while inspiring you to visit sooner than later. So let’s get to it. 

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To Eat:

 I mean, where to start! The food in Charleston was nowhere near what I had anticipated. I was mentally preparing myself and my stomach, for some heavy southern dishes similar to Texas’ style, but was surprised how light and seafood based a lot of the restaurants’ menus were. I did get my fair share of fried chicken, but was delighted with the amount of fresh salmon, shrimp and scallops local restaurants had to offer. Here are the restaurants I would recommend checking out: 

+ Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits – I would highly recommend visiting this store for breakfast, not only are the biscuits divine but the iced coffee is superb. 

+ Poogan’s Porch: I think this was actually my favorite restaurant in all of Charleston! My Mom got the scallops and I had the seared salmon. Oh, My, God, guys it was so good. This is the perfect place to eat if you’re headed out on a romantic date night or in need of celebrating an occasion.

+ Black Tap Coffee: Three words: Iced Lavender Lattes! I’m a huge latte fan and the kind barista insisted I get a little edgy with my order and add a pump of lavender, and it’s always hard to say no to new things while on vacation, so I went for it. Now I’m addicted to lavender lattes and Matt can thank this coffee shop for my newest coffee addiction. 

+ The Darling Oyster Bar: I mean, sometimes you just need a hot buttery lobster roll after a long day of being a tourist. I was really dying for a lobster roll since the seafood in Dallas isn’t that great, and instantly fell in love with the aesthetic of this quaint oyster bar, the moment I walked through the doors. The delicious lobster roll was just an added bonus.

+ Vintage Coffee & Cafe: My Mom and I stumbled upon this cute breakfast joint on the way back from watching the sunrise on Sullivan’s beach. It was just about 8 AM in the morning and I was in need of some food before the hangry set in, so we quickly decided on this place. I was in heaven the moment I stepped through the door, now while their indoor seating is extremely limited their acai bowls are 100% worth trying to find a seat. I mean, if it wasn’t raining I would have gladly eaten outside on their gigantic outdoor patio area. 

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To Stay:


 While visiting we actually stayed at two hotels, as our trip got extended a day due to weather conflicts and we needed to find a room. Below I’ve broken down the two hotels and my thoughts: 

+ King Charles Inn: Loved this hotel, we were in a really convenient location and the accommodations were superb. This hotel is golden if you’re traveling to Charleston with a car, as they are one of the few hotels with guest parking downtown. 

+ Elliot House Inn: This hotel was in a great location too, right next to Poogan’s Porch in fact, however it was a tad noisey due to late night restauranteurs chit chatting outside while waiting for a table. All and all this hotel was quaint and a more affordable avenue for staying downtown! Not to mention the team is so insightful, they really helped us get our money’s worth when it came to having coupons on hand for almost all touristy activities. 

To See:


We ended up spending about four days in Charleston but honestly I could have spent over a week! There is just so much to learn, see and take in; but when push comes to shove here are the activities I would suggest hitting first and foremost: 

+  Antiquing on King Street: King Street aka the 5th Ave of Charleston is the place to go shopping while in Charleston, from high end designers to historical antiques this cobblestoned street has it all. I would recommend grabbing a coffee from Black Tap Coffee and just walking the entire street, from start to finish. There are so many little mom and pop stores worth taking in. 

+ Day Trip To Sullivan’s Island: I never take a beach for granted especially when we’re talking about spring break. Anyway on the second day of visiting Charleston my mom and I took a $10.00 Uber to Sullivan’s Island to walk the beach, take photos and see the sunrise. It was the perfect way to start our trip and I’d highly recommend taking the drive over. 

+ Ghost Tours: I mean, I hate scary things but after taking a historical tour of the city, I would say a ghost tour is necessary. Charleston has an interesting back story, from pirates to torture prisons and taking a ghost tour at night is the perfect way to tour the city at nightfall without dealing with the hot Charleston sun. 

+ Boone Hall Plantation: I would highly recommend visiting this planation, and if you are interested click here to read a whole post about my time at Boone Hall. 

+ Rainbow Row: I mean, how could you not visit Rainbow Row! Chico's Outfit #1 -1978

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& as Bugs Bunny says, that’s all folks. I hope this guide is helpful in some way, shape or form. Make sure to leave a comment below sharing any additional places you would recommend and have a wonderful weekend. 

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  1. I loooooved Poogan’s Porch and Black Tap when I went to Charleston a few years ago. I went to Poogan’s for brunch and it was like the best version of a classic southern brunch. Great recommendations! Loved seeing all the things that you did on your trip.


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