Biking Around: San Diego

[outfit_details] Per several Snapchat requests, here is my San Diego travel guide! If you’ve haven’t been to California & want to experience a So. Cal. vibe, then you are on your way to San Diego. There is literally so00000 much […]

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Per several Snapchat requests, here is my San Diego travel guide!

If you’ve haven’t been to California & want to experience a So. Cal. vibe, then you are on your way to San Diego.

There is literally so00000 much to do in San Diego, that I’ve kind of been avoiding making this post. I honestly didn’t even know where to start. 

But since my time in San Diego has officially come to a close, I figured it’s now or never. 

Sooooo let’s bike around San Diego!!!! 

Where to Stay: sunset

When traveling to San Diego, you have a few options in terms of location. 

San Diego is so big, so before picking your hotel, think about the vacation vibe you’re going for. Below I’ve broken down the different areas/vibes & my favorite hotel in each region.

So. Cal. Beach City: 

Hyatt Regency Mission Beach

This resort is located in one of the coolest San Diego beaches, Mission Beach. If you’re looking for a vacation full of beaching, water activities or a local beach bar crowd; well Mission Beach is for you! 

Downtown San Diego:

 Hilton San Diego Bayfront

I stayed here by far the most! I love love love it. I honestly liked it a lot because it’s wicked close to the Gaslamp District, which of course is the perfect place to grab a drink & get a delicious dinner. 

This hotel is also located on the bay, so get use to amazing views! Also it’s super close to the Padre Stadium, so if you are looking to go to a game, this hotel is perfect for ya. 

Coronado Island: 

Lowes Coronado Bay Resort

Oh Coronado, how I love you. If you are looking for a romantic and family fun vacation destination, then hit up Coronado. It’s honestly the most charming part about San Diego and a great place to go visit. From the beach, to the cute downtown, Coronado is as charming as it gets. 

To-Do: beach jumping

san diego
california home

OMG where do I start? Literally there is so much to do, I actually still have a list of things I want to go back and do. But let’s start with a few San Diego hotspots that you HAVE TO HIT. 

Torry Pines Gliderport

This one is a must hit for anyone with an adventures side. I’ve actually never hang glided (I don’t even know if that’s a word), buttttt my brother was brave enough to try it out & loved it. 

Basically you hang glide or paraglide over the cliffs of La Jolla & the Torry Pines golf course. It’s honestly beyond beautiful and I have a few pictures from the glider port above & below, but the pictures don’t do it justice. You can read more about the whole package here

Anyways if you’re brave then drive right up & take the plunge literally. beach jumping

Balboa Park 

If you are in San Diego you have to take a quick stop at Balboa Park! It’s gigantic & so pretty. The picture above of me, was actually taken at Balboa. It’s just a wonderful place to catch up with friends & exercise. 

San Diego Zoo: 

This one is a MUST! The Zoo is huge & I personally like the Safari Park the most. It’s gigantic and is filled to the rim with animals, you didn’t even know existed. If you have children, make a day of it & I’m sure they will enjoy it. 

Padres Baseball Game:

 Make sure to check the Padres schedule if you are in San Diego. The tickets are beyond cheap and the park is really beautiful, Matt & I always go to a game whenever we are in town. 

Go to the Beach: 

This one is kind of obvious, but just in case you forget. Makes sure to stop by one of the many amazing San Diego beaches! Some of my favorites are: Mission Beach, Coronado Beach, Pacific Beach & La Jolla (obvi)!

To Eat:

The food is my favorite thing about San Diego! 

No joke, I have some amazing food pictures, showcased below. I honestly have so many recommendations that I’m just going to start listing them off, soooooo 1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready & GO GO GO: crushed


Richard Walkers Pancake House

Crush (Mimosa Brunch!)

Cafe 21


Tender Greens

In & Out

Rubicon Deli


Sushi – Cannonball 

Seafood – Top of the Market

Italian –  Spaghetti Factory



That’s basically all I got for now! Oh & San Diego readers, make sure to leave any additional suggestions below! I’m always up to trying new places. 

I hope to continue doing these travel posts! Sooooo let me know below if you are looking for a travel guide to any place specific place in New England. 

Happy Weekend xx A. 

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