Birkenstocks || I Just Can’t.

Ohh boy… I can already feel the hate from my Californians on this post…  Sorry, but you might want to stop reading here because Birkenstocks & I don’t mix.  These Birkenstocks Found || Here  This could be the rough New […]

Ohh boy…

I can already feel the hate from my Californians on this post… 

Sorry, but you might want to stop reading here because Birkenstocks & I don’t mix. 635096f06f2dfa0fc481249c808a702e

These Birkenstocks Found || Here 

This could be the rough New Yorker in me but these shoes remind me of orthopedic shoes; that belong no where near the feet of a 20-something year old. 

I know…they are “hip & they are in”...& my Californians swear by them,

but really Crocs where once in style & “trendy” 


{ just think about that }

Now usually I am not a shoe snob,

I am pretty casual when it comes to my foot attire, especially while walking around campus. You’ll see me in Rainbows, Nikes, or my go to foot attire :: boots. 

But you will never, ever, ever see me in these thick strapped Birkenstocks. 

Honestly I think we should leave this trend to the guys ladies. The Californian guys are doing a okay job pulling these masculine shoes off. 

Or maybe I think guys pull it off better because these shoes remind me of something you would see Jesus or Cesar wear. 

& Maybe it’s just my East Coast style taking power but no matter what way I look at a think banded Birkenstock.

I just can’t.

{ Alert } I am strongly opinionated when it comes to this shoe. Shoes are supposed to be CUTE! 

 & these shoes aren’t…so it doesn’t make sense.  

& I know my West Coaster will be upset with me for this post (sorry); but what is behind this trend? Are we trying to be even more Retro…or are we just trying to look super “earthy”. 

honestly can’t figure it out…

But I have seen Birkenstocks take down to many good outfits ( so sad ). 

So Comment below…we are breaking up into teams. 

East Coasters || How do you feel about the Birkenstock sandals?

West Side || Defend the trend! Why are Birkenstocks a must have??? 


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  1. I love this post! I see Birkenstocks all over the place & find it hard not to imagine it’s my grandma. Keep doing your thang <3

  2. Hmm this is a tough one. I haven’t yet worn or tried these shoes yet. However if they are comfortable, why not? They certainly are a million times better than original Crocs, which you will never EVER see me wear or ow. No matter how comfy they are said to be.
    The Birkenstocks appear to be sturdy, made of sensible materials, and the colors are neutral and appropriate.

    When I asked my fiancé about his opinion on the Birkenstocks, he said they were “Stupid.”
    “But aren’t they better than Crocs?” I said.
    “Bread bags with twisty-ties would be better than Crocs!” he replied.

    So …I’m on the fence still about Birkenstocks.
    I’d consider wearing them.

    -Fashionable East coast girl who prefers my TOMS shoes for the casual comfy look

    PS: I love the jeans in your photo for this post!!

    1. Jess ||

      You’re so right!! Fashionable East Coasters totally gravitate towards TOMS over Birkenstocks. & we are on the same page when it comes to how important it is for your shoes to be comfortable!

      Honestly I love how you went to your fiancé for an opinion because when it comes to fashion guys are usually brutally honest!

      & at least we know Crocs are over (thank god)!
      x. A

  3. I’m from the East Coast of Canada (Nova Scotia) and LOVE my birks! Everyone wears them with anything, they are just so comfortable! We even wear them in the snow with socks and sweats pants (I can see you cringing… school sports team thing). They’re an easy, slip on, casual shoe, and as someone who has suffered from back and hip problems for several years I can attest to how much they helped me with those problems too. I rarely wear mine here in San Diego though because people seem to find them so ugly and are so judgmental.

    1. Caitlin ||

      It’s so hard to find comfortable shoes these days {!!!} Comfort is > than fashion any day in my book:: aka the yoga pant trend ( & who doesn’t love comfortable clothes )!
      & I could totally see those going with a pair of lose sweatpants — edgy post workout attire!!

      & I see so many people wearing them in San Diego so if you love it…flaunt the trend & own it {!!!}

      x. Aubrey

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