Boone Hall Plantation

 [outfit_details]   Our trip to Charleston, last week, ended up getting extended by almost two days due to a freak Nor’easter which I gladly appreciated. I mean, by no means is Charleston a bad place to get stuck during a storm. […]

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Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3344
Our trip to Charleston, last week, ended up getting extended by almost two days due to a freak Nor’easter which I gladly appreciated. I mean, by no means is Charleston a bad place to get stuck during a storm. With all this free time on our hands after two days of endless shooting, we quickly decided to take the extra days and make the most of it! We had already covered the entire downtown area of Charleston, so we used this opportunity to explore historical sites outside of the city. We woke up early, found a delicious breakfast joint and caffeinated up before taking a 20 minute Uber ride to Boone Hall Plantation. 
First and foremost, if you haven’t watched our Charleston Vlog yet, do so here! In the video I take you guys all along for the tour of this historic plantation and even antique shopping at the end, I promise it is good. Oh, and don’t forget to subsribe to our Youtube channel, we publish new videos every Wednesday. Okay, now back to the tour…we arrived at the plantation wicked early, we did this primarily to make the most of our day and to insure we wouldn’t have too many wandering tourists in the back of our photo shots. All and all we spent almost four hours on this plantation taking in all the history and snappingg a few pictures of these historic oak trees draped with moss. 
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3006
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3291
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3327
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3119
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3475
The Boone Hall Plantation was the first plantation I’d ever been to and it was honestly, much different than what I had pictured in my mind. I originally thought it would be more grandiose, like the Newport Mansions, but really the Boone’s home was modest in size and interior detail. The true showstopper of the tour was not the home but rather the plantation grounds. With over 738 acres, from fields of seasonal crops to naturally preserved wetlands, creeks and ponds; it was marvelous getting to see one of America’s oldest running plantations at work. Actually when we were visiting it was the first day of peach picking, and it was fun to drive by the families with their baskets of peaches freshly picked from the trees. 
Now, if you’re a fan of the movie The Notebook, then you’ve seen this home before, as it was actually the location of Allie’s summer home or you might recognize this homes’ most notable natural feature, The Avenue of Oaks. I mean, this was one of the reasons I decided we tour this plantation over the others, was that I was really dying to see the sophisticated Avenue of Oaks, which was originally planted in 1743, crazy right!? Around eighty-eight oak trees run about three fourths of a mile from the entrance of the plantation to the front gate of the Boone’s Home. The dramatic grounds leading you towards the plantation home was suppose to symbolize both southern heritage and wealth at the time, and boy was it beautiful. Fun fact though, it took about over two centuries for the massive oak trees’ branches, which are draped in moss, to meet overhead; finally forming the shaded overhead Major John Boone envisioned. 
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3318
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3447
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3205
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3314
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3458
The weather on this day was being typical transitional weather with a high of 75, but with crazy wind making us feel like it was closer to 58 degrees when in the shade. This time of year is always tricky when it comes to picking out what you should wear. Before heading on this trip, I did anticipate a few colder days so I did fortunately pack this pair of polka dot straight legged pants. I usually avoid all things polyester, but I felt like this was the perfect piece for anyone’s transitional wear closet, whether you pair them with just a white tee or a tee and a jacket; these pants feel like spring no matter the actual temperature. Oh, and the pants are now on sale…so I think we all need a pair. 
Anyway, I hope this post inspires you to visit Charleston and I’d love to hear from you guys about which historic city has the best homes to tour. Right now, I think it’s Newport, RI but I’d love to hear where you’ve all been below.
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3412
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  1. Your polka dot pants are so fun! Love them! I also love that you got such great pictures with the Avenue of Oaks. Old trees like that are so majestic to me. If you didn’t see them when you were in college, I highly recommend going to the Redwood National Park the next time you’re in Northern California, it’s breathtaking.


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