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Canon Camera || 50mm Lense || Blue Anchor Candle || CT State Mug || Record Player Okay, I love it when you guys drop me a line via snapchat (aubreyrose740) or email and ask me questions! It makes my day & […]

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canon camera

Canon Camera || 50mm Lense || Blue Anchor Candle || CT State Mug || Record Player

Okay, I love it when you guys drop me a line via snapchat (aubreyrose740) or email and ask me questions! It makes my day & I love hearing what’s going on with all of you!

Recently I have been getting a TON of camera questions, so I figured it was about time to sit my butt down & chat some camera advice for bloggers.

Oh & by the way I’m not a pro, at all, I’ve actually never taken a photography class, sooooooo all my advice is coming from personal blogging experience.

Okay let’s get right to it shall we, blogger to blogger.

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What kind of camera do you use? 

This is a question I get a lot! I am in no way a camera expert but I LOVE my Canon EOS Rebel T5! I shoot all my blog posts with that camera & almost all of my instagrams, plus/minus a few iPhone pictures.

What kind of lens do you use? 

I use a 50mm focal length when shooting outfit photos, This lens is meant to be used for portrait shoots so it works out really well. 

I use the lens that comes with the camera for all other images, especially all my scenic pictures. It does an amazing job at capturing the big picture when it comes to New England lifestyle. 

What time of day do you shoot? 

Ugh, the sunlight actually stresses me out whenever I shoot soooo my favorite days to shoot are on cloudy days. The most important thing is to avoid shooting in mixed lighting. I recommend having the light source behind you, to eliminate shadows. So I usually shoot about three to two hours before the sun goes down. 

However on cloudy days, you can shoot all day no problem (basically why cloudy days are my favorite). 

Do you edit your pictures? 

YES!!! I think editing your images is essential and to be honest, Photoshop really isn’t that expensive. However ALWAYS edit in moderation!!!! 

The only things I ever edit on my images are: levels, brightness & color scheme. I always love to add a layer of blue to my images, just so they all have that specific TCC look. Overall editing is essential in regards to making a strong brand image! 

How many times a week do you shoot? 

Ooohhhhhh it depends. When I was in college, I used to shoot three to four outfit photos in one day. However, recently I’ve been enjoying shooting one blog post a day. I usually post four times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday), so I guess I try to shoot four times a week now. 

The reason for the big change is 1) my schedule can allow it now & 2) I like spending a little more time scouting out cool locations, and making the posts less about the outfit and more about where I am, what I’m doing & who I’m with. 

I just think it is more fun! What are your thoughts on the matter? 

Okay guys that is all I have for now!! If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments below & I will answer them right then and there. Happy Friday xx A. 

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  1. I have the same camera and I LOVE it. Just shows you that you don’t need to by an insanely expensive camera for great shots. I just recently purchased the 50mm lens for my camera and it’s been a TOTAL game changer. Perfect for blog photography. I love reading people’s photography tips!! And I totally agree with you that Photoshop is a must. I purchased lightroom when I started blogging and it was so worth it. I will say it took me a while to get it down haha. Great post babe!!


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