Dallas Arboretum

Striped Tobi Dress (only $22!) || Army Jacket || Briefcase || Boots || Necklace  On Sunday, Matt & I headed to the Dallas Arboretum to grab some coffee and enjoy the weather. We went pretty early in the morning to beat […]

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Striped Tobi Dress (only $22!) || Army Jacket || Briefcase || Boots || Necklace 

On Sunday, Matt & I headed to the Dallas Arboretum to grab some coffee and enjoy the weather. We went pretty early in the morning to beat the heat, so it was slightly chilly, which is my favorite weather to walk around in. 

I packed my light army jacket for the morning and once the heat rolled in, tied it around my waist, because to be honest, Matt refused to carry it around all day (don’t blame him). I’ve been wearing dresses non-stop this fall because it’s just too hot to wear anything else. 

But now that I’m in Texas, & it’s totally acceptable to wear cowboy boots, I’m literally obsessed. I’ve always been a fan of dresses & booties but dresses & cowboy boots are a whole new level. I feel like the girl from the Longest Ride, just me going on a date  with Matt in a cute pair of cowboy boots (yee-haw). 



I can’t stress how much I love the Dallas Arboretum, I spend Monday-Friday sitting at my desk, and being a little hermit. I sit down at 8:30am and just plug away till I meet Matt at 5:00pm; so having the Arboretum close has been a godsend. If I wrap up work early I’ll head to the park and just walk around and enjoy a snack.

It’s so easy to get in a bad mood from working inside all day, so if you are feeling blah, wah or just yuck; take a breather step outside and step away from it all. Whenever I’m feeling unmotivated I always head outside and just walk around, it’s a natural pick-me upper. 

I also usually get some of my best TCC ideas while walking around or people watching. I might see a girl pull off a cool style, that I’ll later try on the blog or eat a pumpkin spice muffin, beg the waitress for the recipe, and recreate on the blog.

If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated or just not 100%, I’m here to say that is okay and I’m right there with you. So on those days I go outside and disconnect to reconnect.

Let me know in the comments below, what you guys do to pick yourself up when you’re feeling not with it. xx A.


Thank you, Tobi, for sponsoring this post. 

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  1. Would love to see more ideas on how to layer for the Fall season – Whether it is jewelry or flannels etc! Love the outfit above!

  2. I absolutely love that bag! And I feel like the dark hunter green jacket is a staple item in every girls wardrobe.

    I would love to see something cool to add to your bar cart. Maybe like Coastal Confidence wine glasses or some wall decor/ prints.

  3. Hi! I would love to see some cute wall decor. Some possibilities could include
    “Life is better in… (New England, CT, Cape Cod etc.)
    “There is No Place Like Home… (CT, Cape Cod, Watch Hill)
    As a college student, I have a sign that says Home Sweet Home, and lists my hometown and state (CT). It allows me to bring a little piece of home with me, wherever I go.

    I also love the unique mugs that have cute sayings and are personalized with different, and fun locations in the north!
    Instagram: @court_nels

  4. Hi Aubrey,
    I loved your Mystic mug, you should make one for Glastonbury! PS. need to try your caramel apple recipe! Thanks,

  5. Ah the Henri Bendel bag – my latest obsession (and in the purple!)! I would love to see an awesome partnership item – a TCC edition bracelet, candle, or other item in collaboration with a small business or businesses in New England. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  6. Entering the contest! I would love to see cute pillows, towels, and small decorations to put around a house!!

  7. When I’m feeling down, I like to get out on the water! Being in Boaton, I’ll either grab a sailboat or rent a kayak for some time to relax. If the weather is not great then I’ll go for a run around the Charles River to at least be near some water. I’d love to see some more shoes you would recommend that are cute but are also great for walking around and exploring in!

  8. Hi Aubrey!

    I would love to see some travel mugs! You have a great sense of style and design, so I would love to have a travel mug designed by you!
    Ps: I love reading your blog and everything your store offers! You’re doing an amazing job!



  9. I would love to see some distressed houseware. Maybe some distressed wood trays or jewelry organizers. I also love the idea of pillows with cute sayings or classic designs!

    Also I love you outfit here, I am using it for inspiration for my outfit for class tomorrow!

  10. Entering the contest! I would love to see t-shirts, stickers, or phone cases on the site. love you Audrey!

  11. Hi Aubrey! I’m new to the Dallas area too and I love watching you find cute little spots around town that I can check out! I would love to see big cozy flannel blankets and throw pillows. A build your own bar cart area with fun accessories for drinks and coffee like gold mugs! Ugh i’d drop dead!! OH AND amazing big fashion books for coffee tables and dorm decor! I <3 all of your stuff! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I would love love love to see some adorable themed throw pillows! I’m currently obsessed with pillows of all shapes and sizes!

  13. How do you find the motivation to wear cute outfits in the hot Texas weather? I just moved to NC from Maine and am having such a difficult time!

  14. Fall is such a great time for scented candles and even better when you put them in a pumpkin after carving! Will you be recommending any new scents you like other than the typical BBW? Or any new carving ideas/products?

  15. I would love to see some winter mugs, journals, t-shirts, kitchen towels or other home goods with your TCC logo or the Texas state print from your new mug! (:

  16. Entering the giveaway! I would love to see a coffee mug that is christmas themed! 🙂

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