Fried Chicken in Dallas

  [outfit_details] I spend a good amount of time traveling between Connecticut and Dallas, and whenever I’m traveling by airplane, I often arrive at my destination on an empty stomach. When I land in Connecticut I often head to my […]

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I spend a good amount of time traveling between Connecticut and Dallas, and whenever I’m traveling by airplane, I often arrive at my destination on an empty stomach. When I land in Connecticut I often head to my parent’s house, aka a stocked fridge, but Dallas is a different story. First off, whenever I  leave Matt alone for a long period of time, I can bet my bottom dollar that the fridge will be bear and the pantry nonexistent. With that information in mind, I can’t help but get excited after landing in Dallas for the restaurants that await me. I’m a huge seafood fan, so I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by seafood almost year-round in Connecticut, but the moment my feet touch the ground in Dallas, I can’t help but anticipate the mashed potatoes and fried chicken, that are calling my name.  

From the moment I shut the car door, I often beg Matt to bring me to one of the many delicious restaurants Dallas has to offer. I’m a huge fan of quick in and out eating spots, so Bubba’s Cooks Country is always at the top of my list, because what sounds better than getting off a plane, eating fried chicken, going home to shower and hitting the hay? Nothing! 

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When I first stepped into Bubba’s Cooks Country, I was drawn to the classic diner aesthetic and red vinyl booths but was greatly surprised as to how good this spot was, when I bit into my first piece of crispy fried chicken. On a whole, diner food is always a go for me, but Bubba’s Cooks Country is the perfect definition of traditional southern cooking, with homemade sides like mashed potatoes and fluffy rolls, you’ll have a new definition of comfort food by the time you leave. Oh and if you are extra tired after your flight and don’t want to wait around or sit-down, don’t worry they actually have a drive-through option for quick in and out hits. 

 After living in over three states: Connecticut, California and Texas; I would stand by the fact that Texas not only has the best food but also has bargain prices to boot. When Matt and I first got an apartment in Dallas you guys, sent in tons of restaurant recommendations from North Texas to Fort Worth and in between; and to be honest, at first it was slightly overwhelming. I still to this day feel like we still have so many places we have to try, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you all in case you’re in the Big D, for a quick stop. 

Of course, you have to stop at Bubba’s Cooks Country but here are some more of our favorite restaurants in the Dallas/DFW area:


 Pecan Lodge — Deep Elm, Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant — Fort Worth, Monkey King Noodle Company — Deep Ellum, True Foods — Plano, Cadillac Pizza — McKinney, Yolk — Dallas, Frisco Diner — Frisco, Emporium Pies — Bishop Art District

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Overall though, I can’t allow you to leave Dallas without trying their BBQ or Fried Chicken, I mean I don’t think I could ever be satisfied with the rib dinner from Chili’s again after living in Dallas. One thing I’ve learned from traveling so much is to really embrace the food each place has to offer, in New England that means seafood, in Dallas that means BBQ and Fried Chicken and don’t even get me started on California and their acai bowls; because every time I move I seem to miss the restaurants and food more than anything else. I mean I still to this daydream of Taco Tuesdays in San Diego, let’s just say my Mexican food obsession peaked. 

Okay, so tag you’re it! Tell me below, which place you’ve visited that has the BEST food! I’d love to hear what type of food it was and if the restaurant is still around today. As always thanks for reading along and sharing your experiences. 

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll definitely have to check this place out. If you ever get our easy of Dallas and want BBQ, check out 4-T’s in Forney. My husband and I love their BBQ.

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