Big News Along Side An Even Bigger Move…

[video_widget][/video_widget] This post is the definition of a long time coming, and boy does it feel good to get this off my chest.  I wanted to tell you guys right away when Matt and I suddenly got the news of […]

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This post is the definition of a long time coming, and boy does it feel good to get this off my chest.  I wanted to tell you guys right away when Matt and I suddenly got the news of our move back in May, but there was still so much up in the air, and soooo many trips and events going on between then and now, that we put a pin in it. We figured we should hold off and make the announcement once we were officially moved out of our apartment in Dallas and back in Connecticut for good. Yup, you read that right, two years later we are officially back in Connecticut full-time. 

For any of you who are new around here, Matthew and I announced two years ago, that we were moving to Dallas, in this post here. This curveball surprised TCC readers and myself, to say the least, however, Matthew and I were also very fortunate for an opportunity like this. To break it down, Matthew got an amazing job straight out of college, which presented us with the opportunity to live in a new city basically with no strings attached. Now initially I wasn’t keen about the move and throughout our two years I did learn a lot of life lessons along the way, but it also gave Matthew and I a way to pave our own bath. All ad all this major life shift really brought us together as a true team, from settling on an apartment to photoshoots in 108-degree heat we learned how to grow and pivot together. 

Also, the pros of moving to Dallas certainly outweighed the cons. I mean it didn’t hurt that we were moving to a place that was much more affordable than the places we’d thought we end up: California, New York, Boston or Connecticut out of college. Another hidden perk was the distance itself because we were so far away from family and friends, Matthew and I focused our weekends on putting our heads down, working hard, saving up money and planning for our next big step, which brings us to this post today. 

I always try to be transparent with you all, and while Matthew and I enjoyed our two-year stint in Dallas, we knew we wanted to get back to New England to be closer to family and enjoy all fall if we could. I mean don’t get me wrong there are some serious perks to living in Dallas: great food, affordable, so so so many antique shops, movie theaters with recliner seats and a thriving sport cultured city. All of these elements made us enjoy our time in the Big D, but come our evening walks, we’d always come back to the conclusion that we’d rather be home. Which is why we were beyond thrilled when we got the news that we’d be moving back in August!

I thought a good way to end this chapter of our lives would be to share posts related to Dallas in a Highs & Lows format. Moving to a city we’ve never visited prior to, was a rollercoaster of emotions, just like every experience in life, but I do believe this move gave Matt and I time to grow as a couple. Especially since we were away from outside voices and the chaos that big families can bring. Overall Dallas was our own little oasis, and while I’ll miss our quiet weekends, I am excited to see what this change brings and boy do I have some more big news related to moving, coming to you all soon. 



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All and all I hope you enjoyed watching my whole moving process unfold and make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel! We post new videos every Wednesday and Saturday, so subscribe to stay in the loop. xx Aubrey 

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