Head of the Charles Regatta & Vlog

Windowpane Skirt c/o || Chambray Shirt c/o || Shoes  || Our Camera Gear     Last Saturday my family and I headed up to Boston for the annual Head of The Charles Regatta! And I’m kind of ashamed to admit that […]

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Last Saturday my family and I headed up to Boston for the annual Head of The Charles Regatta! And I’m kind of ashamed to admit that this was my first time ever attending the event. I had never seen or attended the regatta before, but nothing could have prepared me for the excitement and comradery that was in the air.
For some reason, I made myself believe that the regatta was a SMALL race for just the Ivy league schools, so low and behold my surprise when I parked the car and saw several hundreds of colleges attending. Not only was there local schools attending, I was pleasantly surprised to see fellow students attending to cheer on their team. It was all very lucky for me because it meant I got to meet a few TCC readers from schools far and wide. You guys, I even got to meet students and rowers from my own alma mater, The University of San Diego, how crazy. 
Head of the Charles Regatta & Vlog
Brooks Brothers' HOCR style
HOCR travel guide
Brooks Brothers' HOCR style
Brooks Brothers' HOCR style
If you’ve never attended the Head of the Charles Regatta, to put it simply, it’s basically like a preppy Bostonian fair. Picture hundreds of preppy dressed college kids, fair food (I’m talking about mac & cheese in a bread bowl) and let’s not forget about the enormous Brooks Brother’s tent. It was like I died and went to New England heaven. 
I went to the regatta in full on Red Fleece get-up and was blessed with a brisk 75 degree sunny fall day. Hey, I’m not complaining, it was so warm that I opted for this windowpane skirt and left the tights at home. I paired the wool skirt with a lightweight chambray shirt because frankly, a sweater would have been way too heavy, for such a warm fall day. Overall between the delicious food and getting to see my college race, the entire weekend just felt right. 
Not to mention that the weather was beautiful, the Brooks Brother’s team was as stylish as ever and the readers I did get to meet, were so welcoming and excited. I was only able to attend the event for a short period of time due to a family function, and I was crushed on missing out on meeting so many of you. Soooo Matt and I are considering doing a meet-up in December. Thoughts? 

Since this was our first year attending the regatta, we had to bring you along. So below hit play to see our first ever Head of the Charles Regatta vlog. As I said in previous posts, my sister Tessie is now officially part of our TCC Crew, as our videographer so don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel to see new videos every Wednesday.

Boston in Fall
Preppy Fall Style
Brooks Brothers' HOCR style
Brooks Brothers' HOCR style
Brooks Brothers' HOCR style
With all that being said, I’m 100% attending the regatta again next year and hopefully, Matt will be along for the ride. Maybe we can even convince him to squeeze into one of those tight rowers uniforms, I kid, I kid, but I think we can manage to deck him out in Brooks Brother’s
All in all, it was a perfect weekend and I’m excited for the weekends to come. A lot of busy stuff is happening down here in Dallas and I can’t wait to bring you all along. Don’t forget to comment below if you are interested in a TCC meet-up and let us know if you’d like to meet in Boston or Connecticut. xx Aubrey 
Brooks Brothers' HOCR style
Brooks Brothers' HOCR style
New England in fall
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