Holiday Gift Wrapping Needs With The Christmas Tree Shops

Thank you Christmas Tree Shops andThat! for sponsoring this post. It’s the most festive time of year! From decorating gingerbread houses to ice skating in historic New England town centers, the holidays are meant to be spent doing fun activities. One of […]

Thank you Christmas Tree Shops andThat! for sponsoring this post.

It’s the most festive time of year! From decorating gingerbread houses to ice skating in historic New England town centers, the holidays are meant to be spent doing fun activities. One of my favorite holiday activities is what I consider an art – gift wrapping!

I know, for some gift wrapping feels like a chore, but I really enjoy hand-picking wrapping paper, ribbons, tags, boxes, and bows.  Gift wrapping is something I always did with my Mom during the season of giving. We’d put on a White Christmas and wrap presents for hours. I have 26 first cousins and three siblings. So, gift wrapping wasn’t just a task – it was an event!

My Mom has always been so crafty at picking out wrapping paper. She even went as far as wrapping each of her kid’s gifts in their own patterned wrapping paper, capturing the personalities of my siblings and myself. As soon as we saw the presents under the tree, we automatically knew which items belonged to each of us – no gift tag required. 

With the busiest shopping weeks here and with almost all of my holiday shopping done, I’m breaking down all of your holiday gift wrapping needs with Christmas Tree Shops andThat!

Supply & Demand

If gift wrapping for the masses has taught me anything it’s Supply & Demand. Christmas Tree Shops andThat! has a ton of gift wrapping options at a steller price. So, while you’re out shopping all the holiday deals don’t forget to stop at your local Christmas Tree Shops andThat! to purchase everything you need for gift wrapping at 20%-40% below specialty store prices!

The shop offers a large collection of gift wrapping paper, bags, boxes, ribbon, tissue, and tags in hundreds of holiday patterns. You’ll find the perfect paper for anyone in your life – this includes Hanukkah options too!

The sooner you stock up the better because designs, patterns, and styles go quickly!

Wrapping Paper 101: Patterns & Thickness

Now that you’re headed to Christmas Tree Shops andThat! to stock up on your wrapping needs – it’s important to know a few odds & ends when picking out your paper.

First and foremost, we all know I like to keep things looking aesthetically pleasing and on-brand, so I like to purchasing wrapping paper in a few different patterns in the same color pallet. Whether it’s all-natural with a pop of red or a sea of silver and gold, you can let your imagination go wild with the array of patterns, colors, and prints.

Beyond a color pallet, I recommend thinking about who will open the gift and how far it has to travel. Like most stores the Christmas Tree Shops andThat! has two different types of wrapping paper. If I’m traveling far, I’ll use thicker paper like the brown fair isle sweater print. If the gift is for a child, a thinner, shinner paper like this Santa print is ideal.

When it comes to buying wrapping paper, be sure to stock up on more rolls than you think you need!

Don’t Forget The Tape & Scissors

Christmas Tree Shops andThat! has you covered with gift boxes and gift bags. It’s also the best place to snag an extra pair of scissors and tape too! The shop offers name brand tape, racks of scissors, and even decorative tape (as seen above) at 20%-40% below specialty store prices. Take advantage of these pricings and you’ll give yourself extra wiggle room in the holiday budget!

The Magic In The Details: Ribbons, Tags & Bows

When gift wrapping, I truly believe the magic in the details. Especially when it comes to gift wrapping items for Yankee Swaps – an annual tradition in my family!

A wrapped gift is cute – but with a twist of candy cane striped ribbon, a silver bow, and a “don’t open until December 25th” gift tag – you’ve got yourself a gift that rivals a department store window display!

Don’t Forget The Milk & Cookies

Just like Santa, it’s important to stay fueled during your wrapping marathon – which is another reason why Christmas Tree Shops andThat! is my go-to for all gift wrapping needs including a snack! From candy canes to holiday treats – they have plenty of holiday goodies to snack on. The shop is also home to the perfect holiday gifts, stocking stuffers, home decor and more! 

I never leave with just tissue paper. I leave with much much more – making shopping at Christmas Tree Shops andThat! just as magical as a trip to the North Pole.

With so much to get done this holiday season – make sure to stock up on your gifting wrapping needs, wrapping paper, ribbons, tags, boxes, tissue paper and bows at The Christmas Tree Shops andThat! where everything you need for gift wrapping is 20%-40% below specialty store prices!

On that note, don’t forget to make time for yourself and enjoy the little quiet moments during the hustle and bustle this holiday season. 

I’d love to know if you have any holiday gift wrapping traditions – please share below!

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