Importance of Self-Care this Fall

Cold Shoulder Velvet Dress (SIZE UP!) c/o  ||  White Heels || Purse (old similar linked) || Lipstick This time of year is by far the busiest for me in all aspects of life. It’s the most exciting and important time […]

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Importance of Self-Care this FallCold Shoulder Velvet Dress (SIZE UP!) c/o  ||  White Heels || Purse (old similar linked) || Lipstick

This time of year is by far the busiest for me in all aspects of life. It’s the most exciting and important time to create relevant content for our TCC readers, which results in my calendar being filled to the brim. 

On any given week, from now until January, you’ll see my calendar is filled with events to be attended, holiday parties to be danced at, football games to cover, and networking events to attend. In fact, I just wore this dress to a blog function I attended last week! 

To put it frankly this time of year is my favorite because I thrive when I’m overbooked and running from this meeting to the next. It’s a tad weird, I know but having a lot to accomplish in a short time span, really makes me go the extra mile and get creative. Which is odd, because I was never good about working under pressure. 

Anyway, as our crew warms up the engines to go full steam ahead, we are for the first time ever preparing new content almost seamlessly. With new New England travel newsletters, every Sunday (sign up here), expanding our Youtube channel to weekly videos and working on new ways to make TCC the ultimate New England lifestyle guideline; The Coastal Confidence is finally performing at full capacity and I couldn’t be happier. Importance of Self-Care this Fall-2090

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However with all this excitement and new projects to take on, I constantly end up putting my own well-being on the back burner and each year I end up crashing and saying to myself, Aubrey will you ever learn. 

Last week, was insane I worked an additional 20 hrs at my part-time job, spent two full days shooting content one of which was a day filled with fire ants (read more about that here) and had a project that needed to be finalized, delayed. It was one of those hectic weeks, so I decided to work extra hours, skipped the gym and buy food instead of making it. 

& oh boy, am I feeling the consequences this week. 

I woke up the other day with a fever, a long to-do list and a froggy voice to boot. All because I decided to take on too much and literally run myself dry, ugh. This is a yearly reality check I usually get way closer to the holiday, but it reminds me that my number one job is to be healthy.

This time of year can be very exciting but also demanding on us mentally and physically, so I urge you to take time for self-love and self-care. If that means saying no to an additional shift, a friend visiting or grocery shopping; in order to stay in bed and watch Hocus Pocus, so be it. Importance of Self-Care this Fall-2140

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I know whenever I’m getting overwhelmed or feeling pressured, the first things I cut from my to-do list are self-care things. For example: applying makeup, going to the gym, cooking dinner, phone calls with friends and me-time; all of these above things are activities that keep me sane and by cutting my me-time, I end up sacrificing my health. 

I’m a person that needs a lot of sleep and I’m horrible at saying no if someone is sick and needs coverage or if a brand has an event they want me to attend, but sometimes it’s okay to be behind on your to-do list and say no to taking on extra activities. 

I feel like sickness comes on quickly during this time of year, as one moment, I’m feeling really great about taking on the extra work, and by the end of the week, I’m sick in bed with a fever. So for this upcoming season, I’m challenging myself to carve out more me-time by doing the following: I subscribed to a new gym closer to my apartment, I blocked days in my calendar dedicated to catching up and I blocked off this whole weekend for nothing other than catching up on Netflix. 

The reason for the upcoming season is giving, so make sure to carve out some self-care time in advance in order to put your best foot forward in the exciting weeks to come! I’d love to hear your self-care go to activities below, xx Aubrey. 

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