Is Sorority Rush Worth It?

Grab a cup of coffee and sit down for another taboo topic, highly requested by the TCC community. As always I’m happy to throw in my two cents and experience, however, I will start with a disclaimer. EVERYONE has a unique perspective on this topic, so just because my experience went a specific way doesn’t mean it’s the standard.

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Grab a cup of coffee and sit down for another taboo topic, highly requested by the TCC community. As always I’m happy to throw in my two cents and experience, however, I will start with a disclaimer. EVERYONE has a unique perspective on this topic, so just because my experience went a specific way doesn’t mean it’s the standard. 
Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on sorority life and the process of rushing below. Also feel free to give any rushing tips in the comment section, for younger TCC readers interested in the process. 
Okay, let’s jump in. 
 Let me first start off by saying I was a part of a sorority in college; so I went through it all: rush, new member training, recruitment (well not really) and many many many mandatory events. 
So here is where I stand on sorority life as a whole: neutral 
I get a lot of emails asking if I would recommend rushing, and for me personally, it really didn’t have an impact on my overall college experience. If you specifically asked me, ‘would I rush again, if I could go back?’…well, yeah I probably would. However, to be fully transparent, sorority life wasn’t something I really identified with, even though I went into the process, thinking it would be. 

Is Sorority Rush Worth It | The Coastal Confidence a New England Lifestyle Blog
Is Sorority Rush Worth It | The Coastal Confidence a New England Lifestyle Blog
Is Sorority Rush Worth It | The Coastal Confidence a New England Lifestyle Blog
So let’s break it all down, starting with my rushing experience: 
Step 1: Rush:
I can still remember going with my mom to J.Crew to pick out my green recruitment dress, still hanging in my closet today. I was sooo excited for the opportunity that came with rushing, it was never something I worried about or felt pressured to do.  
In the end, recruitment was a neutral experience for me. It was neither bad nor particular fun. Kind of like going to school after a perfect summer, you drag your feet all the way to the entrance, but once you’re there chit chatting with friends, you completely forgot how much you dreaded it. 
In terms of being a PNM (potential new member) and going through the rushing events, it was oddly nice. I met some amazing people and the environment was exciting.  I would stand by the rushing process and say it’s the perfect opportunity to put yourself out there and meet new people. You are likely to meet people you would have never otherwise met. 
Personally, I never experienced any of the rush horror stories you sometimes hear. My only negative association with the process was that it was long and tiresome, as you are constantly going between events and that can be exhausting. 

Overall Feeling of Rush: Neutral


Step 2) New Member Training (Pledging):
So let’s say you decide to pledge, what comes next you might ask? New Member Training. 
I LOVED New Member training, I got to meet so many new faces; many of which made delicious cupcakes and helped me with my course work. I got to go to events like Bingo, Pottery Painting, Movie Parties; and I was given the opportunity to learn about my sorority and its history. 
So cool! All was fun and super low maintenance, nothing like the craziness you hear on TV. 

Overall Feeling of ‘Pledging’: Fun and Exciting

 So now you are a member, what comes next?  

Step 3) Member Duties:
Sorority Meetings:
Like any organization or club on campus, you have to meet!
I’d say about 90% of meetings are about how we are spending budget, what merchandise is being designed and how we can better connect with other organizations on campus. Whether that means walking in 5k’s, raising money for a charitable cause, partaking in talent shows, intramural sports or attending other club events. 
Overall the point of being in a sorority is to really be there for your campus and fellow students. 
A big part of sorority life was hosting events. From hosting campus wide events, in order to raise money for our chosen cause, to hosting events with other sorority and fraternities; a big part of Greek life is mingling with other groups and members of your own sorority. 
Really a lot of energy and work went into all events whether it be a dance or renting out a movie theater for the newest Nicholas Sparks movies; there was always a group of gals behind the scenes making everything picture perfect. So overall I have to give ‘snaps’ to all the college girls that spend late nights planning such extravagant festivities. 
Like any institution, we have retreats; where we mix into groups of people we don’t necessarily know (mind you some sororities are 100+ people, so it’s hard to know everyone) and open up. 
It really is meant to connect and bond with your fellow group members; just like how the rock climbing club goes to the mountains for the weekend or the sales team goes to Atlanta to compete, spending a large quantity of time together; really does help you connect with others. 
Formal Recruitment: 
I personally never participated in formal recruitment. I was only eligible to take part in two recruitments however I was studying abroad during both given time periods. 
While I never participated in the experience, I actually heard a lot of positive things about the two-week madness that is formal recruitment. 
So those are the four elements of sorority life that you seem to rinse, wash and repeat. & here are my thoughts. 

Overall Feeling of Member Life: Meh

The Approach -9094
Is Sorority Rush Worth It | The Coastal Confidence a New England Lifestyle Blog
Is Sorority Rush Worth It | The Coastal Confidence a New England Lifestyle Blog
I’m going to elaborate here because this is where you need to consider if Sorority Rush is Worth it. 
The Worst of Times: 
Everyone always talks about rushing being the ‘worst part’ of sorority life, but honestly, for me, it was keeping up with member life. 
In college I was: taking six courses a semester, working an average of 15 hrs at our college gym, working on two degrees, all while launching the Coastal Confidence. So did I have the patience or right mindset to sit at a retreat for 7 hours or go to a weekly meeting that could last up to one – two hours, NO. 
You know the saying… ‘WHERE YOUR ATTENTION GOES, YOUR ENERGY FLOWS’…well I honestly gave sorority life zero attention. I was more or less focused on my own thing; which I’m sure if you asked anyone in my sorority they would agree. I was the definition of MIA. 
I just didn’t consider the time and energy that goes into making these organizations flourish. However, if you love, running events, fostering community or group organizations; you’ll love sorority life. But for me as a whole, I don’t think it was worth it. I’ve never been one for group organizations, I’ve always been slightly selfish with how I spend my time; if there was no ROI or if it wasn’t something I was passionate about, I just kind of wrote it off. 
Okay, but now let’s talk about the good…
The Best of Times: 
When you asked if I would rush again, if I had to do it over…the answer is YES. 
Simple for the following reasons, the people I met. I was able to meet seniors, juniors, and even my roommates. I was lucky enough to have a role model G-Big and Big, and a passionate Little. I was able to meet the gals I’d end up living with for over two years and I was able to meet people in Connecticut at alumni events. 

Through and through, I’d say it’s an amazing way to meet new people and start up a conversation. For that alone, I’d do the process all over again. 

Okay, that’s my experience. What are your thoughts? 
Are you in a sorority? Do you have any thoughts or tips on balancing sorority life? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. xx Aubrey 
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  1. I had an amazing time in college with in my sorority. I had the opportunity to take on leadership roles as the Vice President and on standards. I also had the opportunity to go to leadership conferences and even went to the convention and vote on the new grand council. Has an alumna, I have been a volunteer with my organization for the last four years; I even had the opportunity to serve on an international task force. I joined my sorority as a sophomore as I transferred schools after my freshman year. Sorority life is all what you put into it, and I took full advantage of all the opportunities I had in my organization.

    1. It is 100% what you put into it, and I would say the alumni events are really a under-advertised perk. Such a fun way to meet people. xx Aubrey

  2. I had a tough time. I fell in love with sorority life from the beginning. I made it clear to them before they even offered me a bid that I was dyslexic and had some anxiety which normally lead to my grades not always being perfect but that I was the hardest worker you would find and I made it up in other ways. They said that was fine they would work with me and help me with grades. Once I became a member I got average or OK grades. Nothing I was upset with. The sorority started leaning on me for a lot because I wanted to do as much as I could to be involved. They ended up telling me they would kicking me out if i didn’t bring up my grades, never once gave me help or honored all my paper work that I had for school with my learning disability. None of my “close sorority friends defended me or spoke to me much. Other girls within that sorority and other reach out and spoke up about it. I walked away and I got involved with our campus activities where i felt my skills were values more. I was involved a lot with SG and other leadership organizations as will has did a handful of internships that helps me out more in life. I love it for a moment and then saw the group of girls I was with for what they were. Other sororities on my campus where amazing. If you are interested in sorority life. Really look for people you connect with have morals and standards you have too. Don’t go after the number one house on campus if they aren’t interested in you for you. No one will care after college if you were in a top sorority at some school with relationship you make with people is what you get out of it.

    1. I agree, it’s essential to go into the rushing process looking for people you click with and nothing more! 🙂 xx Aubrey

  3. My feelings on sorority life are quite similar. I went through rush and joined a sorority my freshman year. However, I ended up “dropping out” of the sorority after that first year. My attention and energy was focused else where and I just felt that if I wasn’t fully invested and committed then there was no point in staying in the sorority. Overall I am glad that I at least went through the process of recruitment/rush as I did get to meet some wonderful people and attend fun events, but the overall experience of being in a sorority wasn’t worth it for me. BUT like you said, it is different for everyone and I would definitely recommend at least going through the recruitment process just to meet other people and learn more about the sororities before you decide!

    Taylor | http://www.livingtaylored.com

    1. I agree going through the process is the perfect place to meet new people, thanks for sharing your experience Taylor!

      xx Aubrey

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