Jumping into Fall

Dress (currently on sale) || Fall Wreath || Purse (old, new listed) || Shoes || TCC Pumpkin Mug Okay I LOVE fall & I really don’t care if you think that’s ‘basic’. I actually think it’s nice to see everyone […]

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Dress (currently on sale) || Fall Wreath || Purse (old, new listed) || Shoes || TCC Pumpkin Mug

Okay I LOVE fall & I really don’t care if you think that’s ‘basic’. I actually think it’s nice to see everyone getting excited about something positive, I especially love seeing everyone’s #psl instagrams, yummmmmmm.

Now….I know summer is super ‘posh’ but I like fall because the aesthetic is on point. The colors, scents and home decor are wayyyyy more up my alley, does that make sense?

What I mean by that is, I’m not a beach house home decor kind of gal, summer decor really doesn’t do anything for me, but OMG fall decor (am I right!). I’ve already purchased way too many pumpkins, a few bags of candy corn & these Pendleton plaid plates ( I actually found them at HomeGoods for $10). The color scheme and overall coziness factor of fall is basically how I want to style my closet and home allllll year long.  


So the other day Matt & I were walking down historic downtown McKinney, which is my new favorite place to be. We were walking down the street & spotted this wreath in the window!

Basically my bank account went down from there, just kidding, I’m a gal on a budget so it didn’t make my budget cut, however my Mom fell in love with it, sooooooo I picked it up for her. So currently I’m babysitting a very beautiful wreath in my apartment, so my life is good.

On a side note, how do you Dallas gals do fall!?!?! It’s still way too hot outside for me, however I’m updating my fall wardrobe to include more skirts. I’ve always avoided skirts because usually it’s way too cold to wear them during the fall in New England, but I’ve just purchased a few new ones that I’ll show you all next week.



Now Matt & I are headed off to Austin this weekend, YAY! Please send any recommendations you guys have for downtown Austin. I love trying new coffee shops, soooooo snap me with some recommendations, PLEASE!

Matt is beyond excited about our trip because we are going to a University of Texas football game (ahhh). It’s our first time going, so please share any Texas football pointers you have. I literally don’t know what to expect, but I’m soooooo excited.

Okay I’m off to pack & get ahead of emails, I’ll chat with you all on snapchat (aubreyrose740) soon. xx A.



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  1. I love fall so much & this post made me even more excited for it! ???? I’m obsessed with your style & blog!! You’ve enhanced my style so much! Thank you!


  2. I absolutely love the new fall mug!! Your recent posts have me super excited for fall. Keep being awesome 🙂

  3. Hi, I was led to here through your Instagram and now follow you on snapchat. I was excited to see our shared love for New England, and I’ll definitely be tuning in for future blog posts. I have a few pair of Jack Rogers and didn’t realize that they also sell clothing.

  4. Hello Aubrey!

    I am such a huge fan of your work, and always am looking forward to see what you’ll post next! I’m so excited that it’s fall, and that you have released a new mug! Super cute!

    Love always,

  5. Fun fact that I learned a few days ago: an iced coffee with pumpkin spice at Starbucks tastes just as good as an iced pumpkin spice latte, just not as sweet!

    Between going to school in California, living in CT, and now moving to Texas, what are some similarities have you noticed between all of these places?

    1. OMG I always do iced #PSL at Starbucks! It’s way to hot here in Dallas for anything else. I’ll make sure to answer your question about similarities in an upcoming post – xx Aubrey

  6. Hi Aubrey,
    Love the new mug and following you on snapchat! Have any ideas for good “studying outfits” to wear to the library in college? Thanks 🙂

    1. Ohhhhhh, I have some ideas for ‘studying outfits’ look forward to a outfit post discussing this soon – xx Aubrey.

  7. I love your new fall mug!! So excited for the leaves to start changing colors (even though they don’t in California…)

  8. Aubrey!
    I love that dress! I follow on snap and Instagram, but looking at the comments, I’m going to have to follow your pinterest.

    Hope Texas is treating you well! How are you decorating your apartment?

    1. Hey Corinne!

      Thanks, & I’ll be doing a whole apartment tour in October/November, so look forward to lots of home decor coming your way! xx Aubrey

  9. I just moved back to New England–I’ve missed fall SO much!

    Would love some great fall recipe recs 🙂

  10. Wonderful post – musings on fall, photos and everything! Hope you are enjoying Texas, and I would love to go to Austin. Enjoy your weekend. ” hook ’em horns”

  11. Hey Aubs,

    Hope you and Matt are loving TEXAS! Was wondering if they have any different fall traditions down south compared to our traditions up were on the east coast, primarily apple picking and cinnamon cider donuts, only from the best Lyman Orchards. Miss you and hoping your living large and loving Texas!


  12. Saw the contest on snap and I’m in love with ur cute mug! My fave time of the year is fall too! I just moved from San Diego to Denver and I’m most excited that I’m going to actually get actual fall colors and crisp air this year! Living in Cali u don’t get those things so it’s going to the best Fall ever!!!

  13. Fellow New England girl here and fall is my favorite too! The air is crisp, the beaches are empty and we can all find parking in Mystic again;-) Love that candle and love following you on snapchat!!

  14. Hi Aubrey! love your blog and fashion. Interested in your contest that I saw on snap! super excited for Halloween and pumpkin carving with friends. btw your sticker is on my computer and I love it! you’re the best.
    lots of love,

    1. Thanks Olivia! You’ll have to snap me a picture of your computer with the TCC Sticker! xx Aubrey

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