My First & Second Trimester Recap

Folly Midi Dress | Jack Rogers | Cape Cod Bracelet I am writing this as I head into my third trimester today. And I must say, I absolutely cannot believe I’m 27 weeks pregnant! Nine months always sounds like such […]

My First & Second Trimester Recap_Aubrey_Craig_

Folly Midi Dress | Jack Rogers | Cape Cod Bracelet

I am writing this as I head into my third trimester today. And I must say, I absolutely cannot believe I’m 27 weeks pregnant!

Nine months always sounds like such a long time in theory. But, I’ve never felt time move so quickly. In an effort to document the details of my first and second trimester while on this pregnancy journey, I’m going to jot them down here – and share with you all!

First Trimester (October – December):

To learn how Matt and I discovered we were having a baby, I jump over to our announcement post where we share all the details.

The first five weeks of my pregnancy, where nice because I felt normal. Week six arrived with nightly nausea – nothing to complain about. By nature I’m a night owl. So, when thinking about having a baby I always dreaded the idea of being sick in the morning. I was relieved I felt my best when I normally don’t feel my best in the morning!

Feeling great in the mornings was also a benefit in the beginning since could not miss work after my 3-week honeymoon. During the workday, to keep nausea at bay I snacked on a mix of healthy and sour treats. My stocked my purse with celery, carrots, cucumber slices and almonds in little mason jars. Plus, a huge box of Sweat Tarts and sour worms. I was 24/7 snacking at work. I don’t think I went one moment without something in my mouth! Eating something made me feel 100% better. I felt not so good when I stopped. I think everyone at work, including my dad, thought I was on some new fad diet. But hey, it worked! 

Now in terms of nausea, while I felt so sick, I never actually threw up. This doesn’t surprise me since I rarely vomit. In fact, the last time I threw up was on my 21st birthday seven years ago now!

In terms of things I couldn’t be around – coffee was my only aversion. Like even the smell of coffee, which is literally one of my favorite smells, I could not stand. I started being turned off by the scent in Paris so I missed out on some good java! But, overall I was fine with coffee not appealing to me since limiting my consumption, especially in the first trimester, would otherwise be the hardest thing.

Beyond that, I kept meals light because overall I just wasn’t feeling great. So I ate my weight in chicken noodle soup or Paw Patrol Mac and Cheese for most meals.

With Thanksgiving and the Christmas season on the horizon, I was nervous that if my nausea continued my lack of appetite would be a dead giveaway. I don’t typically drink alcohol. So, not drinking is completely normal. But, me not eating a ton would be – not normal.

Personally, I wanted to wait until the second trimester to make my pregnancy announcement. I wanted to wait to tell people after we knew the gender and once I felt better so I could enjoy the moment. 

When 10 weeks hit and my nausea was gone, I was very excited! I felt SO grateful because I had read so many stories of women who were sick their entire pregnancy or all the way through the first and some of the second trimester. At week nine, I did get sick with Covid and felt absolutely terrible and was so done with being and feeling sick. So week 10 was a light!

By Thanksgiving I’d say I was 70% better and by Christmas 100%! Again, I’m very grateful for. 

The only other symptoms I experienced was heightened sense of smell. The smell of deodorant and perfumes really got to me. But, I had no aversion to any foods which was nice. Beyond that I went to sleep at like 7 PM every night. 

Second Trimester (January – March): 

That puts us right into the second trimester.

I have to say, I loved the second trimester. Luckily, I felt great and was able to continue my normal workouts, work schedule and late night shenanigans. I filled this trimester with nursery renovation plans, trips to New Hampshire, Charleston and Jamaica. 

The only discomfort I felt this entire pregnancy was while sleeping. So, I caved and purchased a pregnancy pillow. Let me just stay, it’s worth every penny! I never want to part with this thing – I swear I’ve never gotten better sleep in my life. 

The same day as our 20-week anatomy scan at the hospital I felt the baby move for the first time and everyday since. Oddly enough, he’s most active at 6:45 AM – again at 10 AM to noon – and then right before bed around 9 PM. It makes me laugh because I said to Matt, “looks like he’s already on a work schedule.”

Matt and I are almost halfway done with the nursery! We are hoping to get it close to finished before April 1st – the day of our baby shower!

I will share a full breakdown of our registry and baby shower details with you soon. And stay tuned for a nursery reveal come May. But, if you want a sneak peek of the renovation check out this IG Reel!

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