Pink Collar Work II

Dress (Currently on Sale)!   You guys asked for another Pink Collar Work post, so I’m here to deliver! Thanks to everyone who submitted questions! I love hearing from you guys & I literally get so excited when I get a […]

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Dress (Currently on Sale)! 

 You guys asked for another Pink Collar Work post, so I’m here to deliver!

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions! I love hearing from you guys & I literally get so excited when I get a snapchat from a reader. It makes my day. 

Feel free to ask more questions below, for our next pink collar session!! So let’s jump in, shall we.

What kind of camera do you use for your blog posts & instagrams? 

This is a question I get a lot! I am in no way, a camera expert but I LOVE my Canon EOS Rebel T5! I shoot all my blog posts with that camera & almost all of my instagrams, plus/minus a few iPhone pictures.

I’m curious to know when you made the leap to blogging full-time and when you knew it was right for YOU!

I always knew I wanted to blog full-time, it was my post graduation goal and if you know me then you know I’m 100% a goal girl. I graduated college a semester early back in January, which allowed me ,basically 6 months to test out blogging full-time.

& I fell in love with it. I will say it totally isn’t for everyone, you really have to hold yourself accountable BUT I love doing it! I also love the business side behind blogging, and especially running my home store.

Okay so to get to the point, I knew blogging was right for me when the 6 month ‘trial period’ came to an end & I was still as passionate about blogging as much as when I started. & not to mention it occupies about 80% of my life so I can’t image doing anything else other then  with blogging.

Would you collaborate with a small blogger? 

Ummm YES! Email me at aubreyyandow@gmail.com! I’m currently jam packed this summer with traveling plans BUT if you are interested at chatting or showcasing TCC Mugs on your blog hit me up!

Do you know how to code? Did you design your own website or did you purchase a templet?

I 100% do NOT know how to code! The whole thing actually stresses me out. So when my blogs codes start to not work, I email my digital company Chloe Digital. They help maintain my site & keep it fresh.

I created my website with the ladies from Blog-Doo. If you are looking for a new website or have a specific brand image in mind, you need to email these ladies ASAP, they are literally the best.

I know blogging is your full-time job, but what does a average work day look like for you? Is it 9 – 5?

There is  literally no average work day here at the TCC office. Everyday does start the same, I wake up at 8 am, head downstair, make a cup of coffee, put on the Today Show & tackle my email account. On somedays this takes just an hour but on others I’ll be answering emails pretty much straight into the afternoon.

Around 12:30 I get out of the house and either run errands, grab lunch with a friend, exercise (lol, maybe a walk) or just read by my pool. It’s really important to take breaks and just go outside.

From 2 – 4 I usually schedule meetings, brainstorming sessions with TCC Squad, box up and deliver mugs or prepare items and clothing for shoots.

Around 4 – 6, is usually when my Mom & I will head out to a destination to shoot. We try and pick fun locations, today we took pictures at a Farmers Market in Wethersfield.

Finally I take  the rest of the night off until about 10pm. I’m writing this post at 11 as we speak. I like to write my posts at night, I just think they sound better & I have more to talk about.

So that I guess is my average work day, but it always changes. Overall my work is a reflection of my life, I take you guys everywhere with me soooooo I do try to travel a lot and showcase the best of a New England lifestyle.

You always talk about the TCC Squad & your warehouse, who is in the squad and when will we see the warehouse?

The TCC Squad or Team is made up of basically my family members & Matt.

My mom is my photographer!

My sister, Tessa, is head of communications or so she thinks. Basically she keeps her eyes open for new & exciting brands for us to work with. She also helps out on photo shoots & mug delivers.

Matt is my editor, as you might have all noticed I’m literally the worst speller EVER. Soooo Matt tries to read through my posts & correct what he can find. He also is my favorite male model & only guest poster on the TCC.

& that is the team.

The TCC Warehouse is nothing fancy, it is actually my parent’s finished attic, but hey you have to start somewhere. They allowed me to fix it up & it is ALMOST complete. We are waiting on a few finally pieces to come in before the big tour.

The completed warehouse tour will hopefully be on the blog in July! Follow along on snapchat (aubreyrose740) to see sneak peeks of it.

Okay I’m ending the Q&A here because it is heading for 12am & Matt still has to edit this (oh boy). xx A.

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