Serendipity: Bye 2015

I can’t believe Christmas is over & the holiday season is coming to a close. The period before Christmas, is my favorite time of the year so when the time comes to take down the decorations & stop listening to […]

I can’t believe Christmas is over & the holiday season is coming to a close. The period before Christmas, is my favorite time of the year so when the time comes to take down the decorations & stop listening to Christmas music, I get in such a funk. This year was so busy too, as many of you know I just graduated from college so moving back to CT & finishing up finals occupied most of my December nights. Overall I wasn’t able to make it into New York to see the Christmas Tree, which is my favorite Christmas tradition & I wasn’t able to make it into Boston for ice skating. Andddd…I still haven’t seen the Christmas lights in CT, so I just kind of feel like I missed out on a lot of Christmas festivities (& I absolutely hate that feeling). However I still have New Years & that gives me a little extra time to give out gifts, sing Christmas carols and bake Christmas cookies.

It’s been almost two months since my last serendipity post, so we have a lot to catch up on (like the opening of my own TCC store!). I love taking this time to fill you all in on the little things, & take a second to look back on the month. A lot has changed & I’m so excited for what is next. Thank you to each & every TCC reader, I’m so thankful for you all & love that you enjoy spending time with me (it makes me so so soo happy).

Sooo let’s get to it & take a look at what I did over December…

today insta copy 2On December 17th, I arrived in CT & was greeted by the best welcoming crew ever; which was made up of my dad, two sisters & boyfriend Matt. My mom held down the fort and surprised me with this lovely Free People sweater now 50% off! Since being home, I’ve also enjoyed boxing up each & every one of your TCC Mug orders :)! I’m currently ending my night with a hot cup of green tea in my TCC New England mug. 

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rasberry pie copy

My favorite Christmas dessert is raspberry pie & I even love eating it for breakfast, especially with a large cup of black coffee #perfection. Everyone that lives with me understands that I think pie is also a suitable breakfast because why not start your day off on a delicious note. 

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insta 2

Once I got home I was able to spend a lot of time reuniting with my family, This is a picture of my sister Sarah and I, from yesterday hanging out by the fire & trying to stay warm. I love this new green & navy scarf I got for Christmas.

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falalala copy

If you follow me on snapchat (aubreyrose740) than you already know, I’ve officially adopted a kitten. I’m actually currently writing this post with her on my lap (she is sleeping & I’m trying to type really lightly without waking her). Her name is Eloise & she was the best spontaneous decision I’ve made. 

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This winter I’ve been obsessed with hot cocoa & hazelnut coffee. It’s the perfect way to warm up & get cozy. I hope everyone has enjoyed the opening of The Coastal Confidence at Home Store this past month, it took a lot of planning and I spent a lot of time looking at the content you all loved. I hope you guys are excited to see the new designs coming next month & email me if you have anything specific you want to see.

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christmas decor

I got extra festive this holiday season with Wildfox jumpers. I’m obsessed with Wildfox’s soft jumper fabric & whimsical take on fashion. I got more than my moneys worth on this jumper. If you are looking for a cute gift for any girlfriend, sister, roommate, etc…Wildfox is your golden ticket. 

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christmas style

Make sure to come back to the blog tomorrow, to check out some more looks for New Years Eve! This dress has been one of my favorite holidays to dresses so far & I’m all for the little black dress look this new years eve.

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christmas kisses

Finally all through December, I’ve enjoyed my favor amount of Starbucks red cups & snowman cookies. & I have no regrets about that decision..

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Even though you didn’t get to do some of your usual traditions you always have next year to look forward to 🙂 this past month was a bit different for me too since I was extremely sick. Congrats on graduating though and can’t wait to see more New Year’s looks!

    xo – Michelle

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