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Silver Skirt || Turtleneck || Necklace (enter to win below) || Lipstick || Clutch || Heels  Ow-Ow! Christmas Eve is a time to walk through the door and stun those family members. I don’t know whether it’s all those gingerbread […]

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Silver Skirt || Turtleneck || Necklace (enter to win below) || Lipstick || Clutch || Heels 

Ow-Ow! Christmas Eve is a time to walk through the door and stun those family members. I don’t know whether it’s all those gingerbread cookies or the look of a new shiny skirts, but Christmas Eve has always revolved around style, for me.

Okay as a child I was always dressed to impressed for Christmas Eve, I literally had a Christmas Eve coat that was to dieeeeee for, & yes I did wear those faux fur hand muffs, I truly thought I was the American Girl Doll Samantha. as I strutted around in those hand muffs like it was my destiny. Guys I would literally wear those hand muffs even when I was inside, #noshame.

Anyway, as time passed & I’ve outgrown that coat, you’ll still find me dressing to the tee for Christmas Eve & always wearing pearls. Pearls just scream Christmas to me, anyone else agree? 

Oh & to be completely transparent on Christmas Eve I really bring it, but on Christmas Day you’ll find me in pajamas basically all day. 



On Christmas Eve our family packs up the car and heads to my grandparents’ house in Connecticut for a HUGE bash. & when I say HUGE I mean 25 cousins and more huge. It’s always entertaining and it usually involves some embarrassing Christmas caroling moments, yes we sometimes go door to door caroling (#retro).

It’s always a fun time because there is just soooooo many of us, I’m a big fan of big parties, you know that Great Gatsby saying: “And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” I think that quote is sooooooo true. 

 Having a large family, makes the typically family events feel more like a party. There is usually soooooo much chaos and frankly I love it. Anyway I’m so excited for Christmas Eve & I can’t believe it is almost here! So tis the season for a giveaway, keep reading! 



I am giving away a KJP Simply Pearlfect Necklace just in time for the holidays. Yup you heard me right, I asked you guys in my last giveaway, what you wanted & this gem was requested several times. What can I say, you guys have great taste!  Make sure to enter below the giveaway closes on Sunday, December 18th at 9:00pm!

It’s super simple to enter, just follow the directions below! 

To Win…Simply 

  • Comment below & tell me your favorite holiday tradition! Also if you have a blog, link it in the comments, I loveeeeee reading your blogs!!! 
  • Like our facebook page & tag a friend, who is simply pearlfect (puns), in this photo! & make sure you stay up to date with KJP by liking their page! 
  • For an Extra Entry: follow us on snapchat, username: aubreyrose740,  & snap me saying hi! I love meeting you all via snapchat, & I promise I’ll snap you back. 

Remember guys, the more entries we get, the more giveaways our crew can host! So tell your sisters, brothers, girlfriends, cousins & anyone who loves KJP! I would love to start monthly giveaways, what do you guys think? Enter below xx Aubrey 




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  1. Hey there! I just saw your insta profile today as you requested to follow me. You’re so pretty. I am from India and I am a student here in Connecticut. I want to give this beautiful necklace to my mom when i fly India on New Years. Love your Insta profile.

  2. My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with my extended family! We have a different theme every year, and this year was Christmas pajamas! My parents wore santa and Mrs. Claus pajamas while my siblings, in-laws and I all wore elf pajama! We exchange gifts, play Christmas games such as Christmas trivia and each immediate family dressing up one member as santa, a snowman, Christmas tree or elf depending on the year using toil, ribbon, and other craft supplies! Love all of the family fun to see my extended love ones!

  3. When I was in elementary school my family had the tradition of baking and decorating sugar cookies. This is the first year we’ve been together again for Christmas since I was in junior high. We are baking them today! I’m so excited!

  4. My favorite holiday tradition is of course to spend time with my family- but also to sit around the fire on Christmas Eve, watching our annual ‘Carroll Christmas video slideshow’ of the year. It’s so fun to be together and reminisce on the times we shared over the past year! ????❤️

  5. You look absolutely stunning in this outfit Aubrey! That silver skirt is fabulous! My favorite Christmas tradition is eating homemade cinnamon swirl bread in the morning when we wake up before we open presents. It is the best bread in the world and it reminds me of my Grandpa who started the tradition when we were little kids.
    Thanks for all of these awesome giveaways!

  6. My favorite holiday tradition is when we go to my aunts house for Christmas Day, after having a calm and loving celebration with just my mom, brother and puppy, and spending time with my dads side of the family. Every year we get together, eat tons of delicious food, but end the night playing a hilarious new game, that leaves us all in tears and with sore bellies.

    Something that doesn’t happen every year, but when it does, is one of my favorite traditions, is when my mom and I spend a night making Manicotti from scratch. It’s a lot of work and very time consuming to make the crepes, the sauce and the filling, but in the end it tastes delicious and is everyone’s favorite addition to the Christmas dinner table.

  7. I grew up riding horses, so every Christmas Eve we head to the stables to give the horses treats as a family. By far my favorite family tradition that we still do to this day.

  8. Hey! My favorite Christmas tradition is going to pick out my chistmas tree with my parents in our old truck. We always go to this old man who has a small field of cute Christmas trees behind his house; they’re not perfect but they have lots of character!! Also my blog is cashelkoski.wordpress.com 🙂

  9. Hello! My favorite holiday tradition is getting new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve and taking cute pictures with my sisters! ????

  10. There is nothing better than a big family at the holidays. I am one of 26 cousins and our Christmas tradition always included baked ziti (we are Italian) and crazy matching pj’s (my grandparents always picked them out). During the night the the cousins would put on a show that usually involved really bad singing! I absolutely love Christmas!

  11. That navy turtle neck is stunning. As someone whose favorite color combo happens to be navy and pearls, this post sure caught my eye! Form favorite holiday tradition, it has to be the decorating of the tree. But my family always added in a little twist. In my house, there are always two christmas trees. My mom is an avid collector of ornaments, many of which happen to be cows. We could never agree on which ornaments to prioritize on the tree, so in order to make sure the whole collection got to be displayed, we started getting two trees! Hope you have a happy holiday season!

  12. I left my favorite tradition comment already for the other giveaway,so I don’t know if I’m supposed to type it here again?!?! But this necklace is amazing and would go perfectly with my pearl and diamond ring that used to belong to my husband’s grandmother. We all bought it for her 30 years ago and I received it when she passed away! One day it will go to my granddaughter. ❤ My son and I strongly hold onto our traditions and believe in cherishing and passing them down from generation to generation. So thank you for this opportunity! ????

  13. My favorite tradition is our family eggnog toast (even the cat Noah gets some ). My husband and I started this in 1981.Since then my husband passed away in 2002 and my youngest son passed away in 2015, so my eldest son and I keep up the tradition and we always have a glass filled for our loved ones in heaven.
    Strange coincidence I always sing “Silver and Gold” while decorating our Christmas tree.
    Thank you for this fabulous opportunity! ❤????????

  14. First of all I absolutely adore this look! The navy blue turtleneck paired with the elegant pearl necklace is the perfect pair! My favorite christmas tradition is on christmas eve my whole family comes together and we all eat food, bake cookies and open presents together! As a child I would always have a special christmas eve outfit as well and I always thought it looked absolutely fantastic ((it did not but hey i outgrew it))! Thank you so much Aubrey!
    insta: ((pearlsandcurls.ma))

  15. Hi! My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas morning, we all wake up and make brunch together before opening any of our presents! We make quiche Lorraine and chicken livers (not a fan myself but my mom and aunts love them!). Once we’re done, 23 clean up together and sit around the tree to open our presents one at a time. No other family I know does it this way but I love it (learned to love it as a kid) because it draws out the day into a fun family time.

  16. Love this skirt!!! My favorite holiday tradition is going to see my mom’s side of the family on Christmas Eve, and my dad’s on Christmas Day! We have waffles for breakfast on Christmas every year, and this year we are starting the matching pjs tradition!

  17. I seriously love the way you styled this outfit! Also pearls are my favorite accessory!

    My favorite holiday tradition is chopping down our Christmas tree! The smell of the pine trees seriously puts me in the Christmas mood!

    Also I will be snapchatting you because I love meeting everyone via snapchat!

    My blog is moosmusing.com!

  18. When my family gets together we like to sing Christmas songs to the guitar. It’s my favorite holiday tradition <3 Love this gorgeous necklace, by the way!

  19. My favorite tradition is watching Christmas vacation and staying up till midnight to open presents in Christmas Eve!! We have a small family, so it’s the little moments that mean the most. Quoting the movie or getting a surprise gift!! Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year ????

  20. My annual holiday tradition is Christmas Eve with my entire extended family which has grown over the years. We have dinner and dessert together and our annual yankee swap which is filled with a mod podge of unique (and some homemade) gifts! I look forward to this tradition every year! Happy Holidays everyone!!

  21. My favorite Christmas tradition is getting new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. (In love with your blog by the way!)

  22. My favorite Christmas tradition is going to my extended family’s Christmas Eve party. We have a huge family, so there’s over a hundred people there and the uncles take turns dressing up as Santa Claus for the little kids. It goes until well after midnight and we all eat delicious food and catch up with one another.

  23. Hey girl! I absolutely love your outfits and blog! They inspire me and any day that I don’t know what to wear I look at your page for inspiration! My favorite holiday tradition is the yankee swap/white elephant tradition that my family does! It’s so much fun buy nice and also funny presents for and watch people open them! Have an amazing holiday!!

  24. My favorite holiday tradition is happy hour hosted at my house on Christmas Eve with my close friends and family! Nothing better then the people you love and alcohol to bring everyone together for the holidays! Cheers!

  25. My favorite holiday tradition is jumping in the car with my family members and driving around for hours admiring the Christmas lights. It’s such a simple thing that I remember doing with my parents as such a young girl. I don’t really like the cold weather so in New England it’s nice to be able to take in all the beatiful sights and lights while still staying warm. It’s also a very peaceful and relaxing thing to do after a long day and usually involves many long wonderful conversations. As a college student, I now appreciate it even more because it’s basically free!

    Also, growing up in Maine, I usually go to the lobstertrap tree lighting and watch Santa come in on a coast guard boat from the harbor. These were two quirky traditions that I always enjoyed because even at a young age I knew that these events were unique and special to us in Maine!

    PS I love this shoot, this giveaway, and your blog!!

  26. I just want to say thank you for sharing your family traditions! I love hearing what everyone does for Christmas. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I have a lot of traditions I like to incorporate into the season! My all time favorite tradition would have to be Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve my family and I get all dressed up and have a family party. There we eat (way too much) yummy food and catch up! I love being able to spend time with family I don’t get to see on a daily basis. After we all catch up we head home where my immediate family and I read the Night Before Christmas. It’s been a family tradition for a long time and to be honest, I think my dad got the idea from the movie Christmas Vacation! Haha he is a real-life Clark Griswold! After that my little siblings get ready for Santa to come, they are still young so it’s still a tradition to leave milk and cookies out for him! I’m sad that they are getting older because I don’t know how long that will continue! But as long as I’m there I will make them do it 😉 Love hearing all these traditions!

  27. Hello! My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas Eve when it is traditional for my family to always wear one cheesy holiday themed costume! We usually wear elf hats or Rudolph noses, but it changes every year!

  28. Hi Aubrey! My favorite holiday tradition is when my sister and I watch Home Alone (the first one…and best one in my opinion 😉 ) and eat mac n’ cheese. We’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember! In the movie at 9pm right when he’s about to dive into his delicious looking mac n’ cheese he never actually gets to take a bite…because of that my sister and I decided we HAVE to eat mac n’ cheese while watching our favorite Christmas movie 🙂

  29. My favorite holiday tradition is ordering a new pair of warm matching (usually flannel) pajamas that I get to wear Christmas Day, and getting the pleasure to wear them all day while hanging out with friends and family. It’s like a giant pajama party

  30. Hey Aubrey! My absolute favorite Christmas tradition is going to my Grandma’s house (who ironically, lives directly across the street from me!) All of my aunts, uncles and cousins go over on Christmas Eve night in our matching Christmas Jammies, and open “Pillow Presents”, which are really special gifts that reflect an accomplishment we’ve made in the past year. We play games, drink cocoa, and watch A Christmas Story (because obviously, the TBS marathon is EVERYTHING). We all sleep around the house, on couches and floors, and we spend 7-8 hours on Christmas morning opening gifts, one by one. It’s really special because now that we’re all grown up, it’s rare to get the whole family in one room! We drink coffee and eat doughnuts all day (before a giant dinner, of course), and I look forward to it every year!
    I absolutely love your blog, and you’re definitely one of my favorite style icons! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, I LOVE KJP products! ❤️

  31. Hi Aubrey!

    I LOVE pearls so much, and especially the simplicity of this one! As Audrey Hepburn said, “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”, and she sure was right! And I agree- pearls do scream Christmas 🙂

    My favorite holiday tradition is a little unorthodox. My family piles into our car and makes a 6 hour road trip to the tiny town of Bishop, California. Then, we grab an axe and some rope, hike a little into a snowy forest, and chop down a Christmas tree! Being from Southern California, we are NOT used to the freezing, icy weather in Bishop, but we love this opportunity to bond and get a really special Christmas tree. And it’s really fun to be in a winter wonderland at least for a day during the Christmas season!

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway! It’s a wonderful idea! I hope you do more!

  32. My favourite Christmas tradition is having my whole family come over for dinner!! We have these things called bacon bunnies, a snack my grandma made us as kids, for lunch and then big Christmas dinner in the evening. We watch hockey & play games, it’s definitely my favourite day of the year!!

  33. OBSESSED with that skirt. While Christmas Eve is about the style in our house too, my favorite part has to be the quality sister time we get to spend together. I have three sisters, and since we’re all grown up, we don’t see each other as much anymore. But every single Christmas Eve, it’s tradition that we all get matching pajamas from “Santa’s Elves.” After a million pictures, we settle down and get to open our first gifts of Christmas, which of course are our sister gifts! We take turns going around the circle unwrapping and laughing. This tradition has been around ever since I can remember and I’m so glad because it makes the sister gifts stand out from the more expensive gifts from my parents. It’s definitely the little things, y’all 🙂

  34. My favorite holiday tradition is the whole family coming home. We are all in different states either in school or working, so I hardly ever get to see my family. On Christmas Eve we all get together around the piano and sing Christmas carols. I absolutely love it.

  35. I absolutely adore this post! I come from a very large family as well and there is nothing more memorable and perfect than spending Christmas with all of them! We spend the entire day at my grandmother and grandfather’s house playing card and board games, caroling, eating (of course), and enjoying a house filled with love and laughter.

    Your outfit is so beautiful and your blog is one of my absolute favorites I read daily. Your style is elegant and timeless. I love KJP and all of the jewelry he and Sarah create! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Hi Channing!

      CONGRATS! You’ve won the giveaway! Keep your eyes peeled for an email coming from me shortly!

      xx Aubrey

  36. My favorite Christmas tradition is taking a loaf of bread and a piece of hay from the manger at mass. It’s goofy but my family has always done it. I don’t have a blog but my friend and I are going to start one once I am done with finals so any tips for us amateurs would be appreciated, Merry Christmas!

  37. My favorite holiday tradition is going to my best friend from home’s house. My whole family gets together with her family, because well, we make our friends our family! Loving your whole outfit. My blog is brighteyedbyjenny.wordpress.com. 🙂

  38. My favorite Christmas tradition is either going to my uncle’s house for Christmas Eve or baking Christmas treats with my mom!!! I love your blog! Merry Christmas!!! ????????????????????☃️❄️⛸????

  39. Love your skirt and this giveaway! One of my new favorite blogs :). My favorite holiday tradition is making candy cane biscotti with my mom. Great recipe if anyone’s interested!

  40. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!!
    My favorite holiday tradition is when my nana gives us all pajamas on Christmas Eve to wear on Christmas morning! All the grandkids have such a big collection from getting new ones every year 🙂

  41. First things first, I love your blog!
    My favorite holiday tradition is putting the lights up! It’s a fun thing to do with my family and also all my neighbors put their lights up on the same day we do to light up our street!

  42. What a lovely and prefect outfit for Christmas Eve!
    One of our favorite family traditions is making hot chocolate, bundling up in pajamas and blankets & driving around our favorite neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights! Such a beautiful giveaway–thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Love love love this holiday outfit!
      My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree with my sisters and parents while watching (&singing along to) White Christmas!!!!
      Merry Christmas! Xo

  43. 1) I LOVE that skirt and need it for either Christmas Eve or New Years. Thanks for linking it!
    2) Holiday traditions is one of my favorite things to talk about because mine means the world to me. Every Christmas eve after arriving home from church, my family and I put on our matching pajamas and watch our absolute favorite Christmas movie- “It’s a Wonderful Life”. The movie has SO much meaning to my father, it’s a tradition he did with his family when he was younger and we have kept the tradition going. My father makes homemade hot cocoa with peppermint sticks, and we sit and enjoy each others company. This moment is one i look forward to all year, it truly is special.

  44. My favorite holiday tradition is our family sleepover that we have every year on Christmas Eve! We all have matching pajamas and stay up like we did when we were younger!

  45. Hi!!!

    First off, I totally agree—PEARLS scream Christmas to me too! I love pearls and KJP and the necklace and I love love love your blog and Instagram.

    I also come from a decent sized family. My mom is Italian American so Christmas Eve is a bigger deal than Christmas in our family. We have the traditional Feast of the Seven Fish (not a fish girl, but the Fried Calamari my grandma makes is delish), Italian cookies and wine, and that is by far my favorite tradition of the holidays!

    I dress to the nines on Christmas Eve too! I always have. My mom would put my sister and I in these adorable matching outfits and our American Girl dolls had them too and we would bop around the holidays like a Childrens Place Ad. I loved it and plan on doing the same someday when I have babies of my own!!

    Happy Holidays!!!! Thank you for this amazing giveaway and your inspiring and wonderful content as always.


  46. My favorite holiday tradition is our annual Christmas Eve party where the entire family comes together and we play fun holiday games.

  47. Aubrey I’m dying over that navy blue turtle neck! Blue is your color!!! My favorite holiday tradition is getting our Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve and all having matching ones & going to the Christmas Eve church service! I have been trying so hard to win a KJP pearl necklace. I truly believe every girl needs pearls, and I love the simple one pearl. I thin that necklace is so elegant. But anyways, love your blog as always & I started up my blog. The blog itself is in the works but the instagram is up and running (@thebengalbelle)! Thanks so much for another giveaway!!!

    Follow my blog a post will be up shortly! thebengalbelle.wordpress.com

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