Turning Twenty Four

  [outfit_details] Today is my Twenty Fourth birthday and to be honest as I look around, I never thought Matt and I would be where we are now. I mean, it has been a YEAR, to say the least. I usually […]

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Today is my Twenty Fourth birthday and to be honest as I look around, I never thought Matt and I would be where we are now. I mean, it has been a YEAR, to say the least. I usually like to share five things I’ve learned in my annual birthday posts but for a while there I debated not doing it. Twenty-three has been the definition of a hot mess but traditions are meant to be upheld no matter the circumstances, so let’s jump right in shall we! Here are five things I’ve learned from being twenty-three. Jcrew nautical ball earrings the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

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You’ll Get Kicked When Your Down: 


I mean, remember when Matt and I had a flooded apartment? Then the following week got into a car accident and then the next week Matt and I went to San Francisco to get away from the chaos that was overwhelming us in Dallas only to get all of our luggage stolen on the first day. Um, let’s talk about getting kicked when you are down! I hate putting negativity out there but this year was rough. We had to learn a lot about ‘adulting’ the hard way and sometimes it felt like the nagging trial and tributes of life just wouldn’t stop but now I breathe in a sigh of relief as we’ve officially come full circle, but more on that later.


Meditation Is Key: 


Within the past year, after seeing other bloggers rave about it, I decided to start using the Headspace App, and oh boy am I glad I did. I’ve always had a really agitated and hectic mind. On the daily, my thoughts are here, there and everywhere which can cause me to feel rushed and flustered at times where I shouldn’t be. Which is why Headspace has been key. Basically, the Headspace App is a guided meditation app that helps you come to peace with the chaos going on inside. At first, I was a skeptic, I mean meditation really? But by setting aside just ten minutes a day for meditation, I’ve truly seen and felt a difference in how quickly I get agitated and how I deal with my mind when it gets into its flustered mindset. Anyway if you ever feel that way, flustered, agitated, angry or irritated I would try out Headspace.  


Growing & Letting People In: 


This year has been big for the TCC Crew. We’ve really grown and I’ve been able to watch the brand change and move due to our new crewmembers. Cecelia helps out with the day to day operational work, that is key to running a successful business while Tessa helps me on the creative side specifically YouTube. While growing your team is always ideal and a dream it also means giving up control and letting the crew members make mistakes and grow. I know when I started out mistakes were made but allowing others to make mistakes can be hard BUT there is no way I’d be where we are today without either of them. Cecelia allows me the time to create this great content and Tessa single-handedly produces our YouTube channel, both are godsends and I’m so glad I took the leap of faith to be vulnerable and let people into the back end and the not always pretty side of TCC. Lauren James gingham dress the coastal confidence

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Don’t Expect Anything: 


This year came with a lot of disappointments, from people. I’m someone that likes to invest in people wholeheartedly and I found myself continually being disappointed by people I came into contact with. Whether it was how they represent themselves, the actions they make, or their motives; I would find myself at some moments feeling either used, confused or just overlooked. I was just disappointed at the way others acted or what they expected from me. 

Which brings me to this point, Don’t Expect Anything from Anyone. I’m big on intention and I always try to give back, but throughout this year I was constantly seeing people acting with self-serving intentions more than anything else. After being disappointed and feeling frustrated more times than not, I quickly learned that I can’t control other’s actions. So I switched my perspective around and focused on my goals and to just not expect anything from anyone. Whether it be the good, the bad or the ugly. I mean you never know maybe someone will surprise you!


Being Financially Aware Is Important: 


I hate talking about finances and I really don’t know why. The whole situation makes me feel completely uncomfortable even though I was a finance major in college. To be honest, I think my sense of being uncomfortable around finances comes from my weak math skills and feeling flustered with numbers and percentages. But no matter how you want to avoid it finances are important for your present self but also your future self. Anyway, I want to do a whole video on this topic, is that something you’d want to watch? Kind of like a guide to financing your life in your twenties? Just throwing it out there and if it sounds good to you, leave a comment below with any questions you might have. New England lifestyle the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

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Okay so that’s what I’ve learned. Sounds like a bummer of a year, but really it was lessons that needed to be learned. Anyway, it’s my birthday so I’m clocking out for the rest of the night! Off to watch Tessa at her dance recital and chow down on some seafood. xx Aubrey 

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  1. I’m probably late to this but late night staking hahah – I would love a video on budgeting or finances in your twenties because I’m 23 and this is my first year working as an adult and I need all the help I can get!
    Please do a post or a video!
    Thank you!

  2. 23 was a hard year for me too, and looking back it was hard on a lot of my friends as well. (I’m a little bit older so it’s crazy to look back on it now.) I don’t know why, but it just seems to be a testing age. But here’s to a new year of good things and more growth!

  3. Happy Birthday!! I hope 24 is a more positive year for you! I think a personal finance column or video would be a great idea! You could talk about the basics of investing/saving (401K, Roth IRA, that kind of stuff), and what to aim for with a budget, like what percentage of your income should be going to rent and food and savings. Women don’t get taught about personal finance as much as men do, so I think it would be super helpful!

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