9 Favorites From 2019

[outfit_details] 2020 is just around the corner and truthfully I’ve never felt so unready. I usually like to take the week before the new year to process the passing year and reflect on my favorite products, things and life moments […]

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9 Favorite From 2019 The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow[outfit_details]

2020 is just around the corner and truthfully I’ve never felt so unready. I usually like to take the week before the new year to process the passing year and reflect on my favorite products, things and life moments the year offered, thus today’s post breaking down 9 Favorites From 2019. Yet as I sat down to look back on 2019, I realized that this year has left me feeling a little jumbled. Ending more on a cliff-hanger, with several loose ends needing tying up, than with a traditional full-circle ending. And while it does feel like A LOT to handle, and hard to find clarity in,  I must say it’s overwhelming in THE BEST possible way. 

Truthfully this one year was more like a decade, an identity crisis and an on-going marathon, wrapped in one; and while these feelings lead me to post less consistently than I’d like, you bet your bottom dollar I had to return for our annual 9 Favorites From 2019 post! These posts are not only therapeutic to write but also so fun to look back on, in fact, you can read our favorites from 2018 here, All and all, I can’t BELIEVE we are a day away from a new decade, so without further ado here are our favorites from 2019!

Old Wethersfield Connecticut The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
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9 Favorite From 2019 The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Preppy Winter Style The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow


NO. ONE || Kiel James Patrick Sweaters 

Truthfully I’m not a fan of winter here in New England, especially when it comes to dressing for it. However, over the last year, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time investing in quality sweaters that not only keep me warm but also align with my personal style. All and all, I’m truly looking forward to capturing New England’s snowy demeanor this winter season and experimenting with my winter wardrobe starting with expanding my collection of sweaters! I’ve always had a soft spot for Kiel James Patrick sweaters and by now they have to be some of my most worn items in my winter wardrobe. In 2019 I added three new sweaters to my collection starting with this Great Moose Sweater which I’m wearing in a size small above, and this Old Glory sweater. which I love pulling out for evening boat trips or cool morning walks in Nantucket and the McCallister sweater that I wore all holiday long! 

NO. TWO || Yeti Mugs

By far one of my favorite purchases this year has been the small collection of Yeti mugs Matt and I have accumulated. Now that I’m rarely working from home, being able to take my hot or iced coffee on the go, and keeping it either hot or iced; has made all the difference. Not to mention the cups feel very on-brand and keep our travel mug self looking clean and organized. 

NO. THREE || Trello 

I have to say that Trello has single-handedly streamlined the back and forths that is my inbox into one simple board of to-do lists. A blogger’s inbox can get overwhelming and between communication with brands, event partnerships, your management team, collaborations with other bloggers and creative briefs. With so many moving parts it’s easy to get confused or my biggest fear miss a deadline – which is where Trello has been a god-sent. My management team RPR actually introduced me to Trello and now I use it in all aspects of my life. From blogging collaborations to breaking down our home renovation into manageable steps. A day never passed where Trello wasn’t used and I can’t wait to continue using it as we head into 2020. 

NO. FOUR || Going To The Movies

Going to the movies is not only a hobby of mine but also a necessity for me to disconnect and be alone for a couple of hours. I use to rarely go to the movies, except on date nights or special occasions, as I just enjoyed watching movies at home to relax. However as my schedule became busier and busier this year, I found myself picking up my computer instead of enjoying the downtime or giving my undivided attention. This urge to constantly multitasking lead me to join Cinemark’s Movie Club Membership back in 2018 and still to this day that Movie Club membership is one of my favorite purchases. For just $9.99 a month I get a free movie ticket, 20% off all concessions – which is a huge score, and the option to add additional tickets at a discounted movie rate! Overall highly recommend for yourself or as a gift! 

NO. FIVE || Our Clawfoot Tub

During our home renovation, we really went back and forth on whether to include a tub in our home or not and after living in our home for a little over six months I’m BEYOND grateful we included a clawfoot tub. I use our tub at least once a week especially during the chiller nights, to relax, warm-up and enjoy a book before heading to bed. 

Kiel James Patrick Sweater The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Kiel James Patrick Sweater The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Winter In New England The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
The Great Moose Sweater by KJP The Coastal Confidence

NO. SIX || Delegating Within My Business

This year was especially humbling as doing it all for the blog, was simply no longer a viable option, and having to release control, creatively and administration wise, was something I struggled with in the past. Honestly, I’ve been running my blog solely since 2014; which meant I answered to no one and worked solely off my schedule, the brand deals I pitched for and the content I created from soup to nuts. Yet, 2019 left me NO CHOICE but to delegate, meaning letting go of how “I WOULD DO IT ” and letting others put their creative spin on The Coastal Confidence. I got to work more closely with people I hadn’t in the past and grow relationships with quality people I now would call my friends, colleges, and mentors. Whether I’m learning about the world of video from a local videographer or enjoying a hot cup of coffee while catching up on pop culture, with my editor Lauren; my blog is no longer a sol0 venture – and while this was not a change I saw coming so quickly; delegating within my business provided me with a community of local creatives, experts and friends I did not possess in 2018. 

NO. SEVEN || Living So Close To Family 

Looking back on 2019, one of the reasons why I’ve felt so busy is simply how close Matt and I are too are families proximity wise. In Dallas, evenings were spent quietly at the at-home, while weekends were spent working or exploring the local attractions; leaving us lots of time to just work, lounge around or relax. Now that Matt and I are settled back in Connecticut, we are filled to the brim with family activities almost every night. Whether it’s dinner at his grandparents, dinner at the club with my parents, attending the slue of New England sporting events or visiting his family’s lake house in NH – we basically went from having no place to go, to never being home. Living so close to our families has filled our year with so much laughter, experiences, and memories; I can’t help but feel so grateful to be home. 

EIGHT || The Nintendo Switch

Matt got me a Nintendo Switch for Christmas a few years back – when it first came out, and I have to say I just love it. I grew up playing Nintendo devices and getting to rediscover some of my favorite games like Luigi’s Mansion and Donkey Kong this past year has been so much fun. It’s truly a nostalgic staple for me, and something I look forward to playing on the weekends or late at night when I have an hour or so before sleep! 

NINE || Journaling Or At Least Attempting To

In 2020 I really hope to make more time for wellness. The majority of my time over the last couple of years has been spent on work, working and being efficient. Everything I did was somehow related to work, and as my work life, continues to speed up with more responsibilities to consider, I find myself really trying to put a cap on work and working. I use to spend the last minutes of my day returning emails and in 2019 I tried to shift those last minutes in the day to journaling. Now honestly I mostly journalling about work, but still the act of placing the computer down and picking up a pen even to scribble down what I worked on that day, helps draw the line a little between work life and having a life. While I wasn’t always successful it’s something I aim to continue to do. It also is a great excuse to buy cute journals and stationery which is really my favorite part of the whole process. 

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