How To Create A Picturesque Holiday Cheese Board

Today, On The Coastal Confidence, A New England Lifestyle Brand, Aubrey Is Sharing, How To Create A Picturesque Holiday Cheeseboard

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Christmas Eve is almost a week away and I couldn’t be more excited to help my Mom host our extremely large family for one of the most wonderful days of the year, and sharing with you all how to create a picturesque holiday cheese board!

With over 20 first cousins and an extended family that seems to grow by the day, holidays in my world are filled with more moments of loud laughter, dancing, and holiday cheer than silent nights and cozying up by the fire. Hosting a large family is fun but it requires extra preparation. Almost everything food-wise has to be doubled, so we create an enormous holiday cheese board!

A cheeseboard doesn’t have to be boring and certainly doesn’t have to start and end with cheese. I garnished mine with my favorite holiday fruit – holly red pomegranate seeds, smoked meats, and locally curated cheese. I’ve learned a cheese board is all about fruit pairings, flavors, and thoughtfulness for the holidays!

So, if you’re stuck on how to get started or what to purchase for your board you’re in luck – today our crew is sharing how to create a picturesque holiday cheese board!

1. Board Options

For a modern look, choose a large wooden serving board like this one or for a colonial look try this one. You can also use a classic easy-to-clean marble tray like this one or this one,  

2. Cheese Selection

There’s a cheese for every palate! Choose from hard cheese like Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and Gouda; soft cheese like Brie, Burrata, or Blue; or out-of-the-box cheese like goat cheese drizzled with raw honey. Be sure to mix texture and size for your one-of-a-kind board!

3. Cheese Pairings

Whether you’re making your plate sweet, salty, spicy, or all of the above – cheese is the ultimate versatile food!

Add cured meats, olives, pretzels, and crackers for the salty component. I like my cheese best two ways: stacked on buttery boxed crackers or paired with pepperoni, salami, and prosciutto. Yum!

Seasonal Fruit delivers the sweet component while adding a pop of color to your cheese board. Berries, pomegranate seeds, fresh blood orange slices in the rind, and all shades of grapes pair perfectly with cheese. Plus, the bold reds, greens, blues, and orange make for a festive plate!

Nuts add a savory crunch to your creamy cheese plate. I love adding glazed or roasted nuts like pecans or walnuts. Nuts are a simple addition to your board. Plus, they give off a delicious aroma! To complement my cheese board, I love decking the home with nutcrackers and shelled nuts – it reminds me of Christmas Eve at my grandparents’ home. Before adding nuts to your home or bringing them to a host, be sure to check if any guests have a nut allergy.

Wine and chocolate pair perfectly with cheese too!

4. Assembly 

Let your creativity shine by making your cheese board your own! Layer, mix-and-match, stack, and arrange to the beat of your own drum. 

Don’t fret about any leftovers either! There’s so many options to make sure nothing goes to waste. Some of my picks include homemade mac&cheese and broccoli cheddar soup. 

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