My College Experience

Shirt (only $32) || Jeans || Mules || Lips (color: Plaza) || Bag || Scarf  Today I figured I’d sit down with you all over a hot cup of tea because I’m literally freezing, and take a moment to talk […]

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My College Experience -40

Shirt (only $32) || Jeans || Mules || Lips (color: Plaza) || Bag || Scarf 

Today I figured I’d sit down with you all over a hot cup of tea because I’m literally freezing, and take a moment to talk about my college experience.

I get a lot of questions about where I went to college, what my major was and any advice I might have. So today I’m breaking it down. 

First, let’s start with the basic: 

What college did I attend: I went to The University of San Diego

What was my major: I was a double major in Marketing and Finance

How did I end up in California: To be honest, it was kind of destiny. My brother at the time was at college in LA and I applied to schools all over. I initially wanted to go to schools down in Virgina or North Carolina but after seeing San Diego, I couldn’t resist. If you’ve never been you have to go, 

Was I in a sorority: Yes, I was in Kappa Alpha Theta but wasn’t heavily involved. 

Was I scared to be so far away from home: To be completely honest, no. I wasn’t worried about being far away, I was really excited to be in a new city and on a new coast. I was actually more excited than anything else. 

My College Experience

My College Experience
My College Experience

Advice for not getting homesick: Keep yourself busy! I love being a busy body, just ask Matt! So during college, I kept myself beyond busy. I doubled majored, took on a part-time job with at least 15hrs a week, along with running my blog. Being a busy bee, still to this day, snaps me out of any homesickness or funk I might be in. 

I’m in college and trying to start a blog, who took your outfit photos when you were at school:  So I actually hunted for someone to take my photos. one of my roommates knew a photography major and I reached out to her. She was actually studying abroad so she posted on her Photography Major Facebook group and I found Ivy! We would meet weekly for an hour and shoot all my images. 

Oh, & you can see images from my graduation in my graduation post here and my favorite places to visit in San Diego in this travel post here


My College Experience

My College Experience
My College Experience

Okay, so now that I’ve answered all your FAQ in terms of my college experience, I’d love to go more in depth about my personal experience. 

So I’m a true believer that college isn’t all it’s built up to be.

I worked really, really, really hard all through college. as I said earlier I doubled majored, worked a part-time job, ran my blog full-time and graduated a semester early. Now, I know that makes me sound like a superrrrr annoying over-achiever but the truth is COLLEGE IS A LOT OF WORK! 

It’s a lot of late nights, a lot of jumping through hoops and totally about playing the game.

For instance missing one class on your schedule could set your college career back a whole semester. So to be honest, in college you have to be on top of things, but most importantly you need to be 100% a go-getter. 

My College Experience

My College Experience
My College Experience

A lot of my best experiences came from asking to meet with teachers outside of class, taking on two independent studies, one with the professor of digital marketing Prof. Justine Rapp. I actually still, consult with her today and I consider her a go-to mentor on all things blogging. All of my greatest experiences came from hustling and outside of the classroom work. 

 However, I think people often see college on TV and in movies and just assume that it’s all fun and games, but I just want to say sometimes it sucks and THAT’S OKAY!

I had moments where I considered transferring, changing majors, cried in the registrar’s office (so embarrassing), got stress blisters all over my right leg and even got to the library to end up just watching Netflix because I was crispy.

Some of my most vidid memories are those middle of the night study sessions with my friend Jennifer, where we’d just look at each other and laugh (you know the classic laugh on the virge of crying), while saying, when the heck did we learn any of this (specifcally Investments and or Investment Banking).

My College Experience

My College Experience
My College Experience

I guess what I’m trying to say is my college experience was a rollercoaster, it wasn’t rainbows, pool parties and keggers. During my sophomore year of college I actually applied to transfer to the University of Richmond, got in and had two weeks to decide if I was going to move. 

I obviously ended up staying in sunny San Diego because, by my second semester of sophomore year; I met my best friend and fellow hustler Jennifer, I got my job at the college gym (which I loved! Everyone there was amazing including the bosses, Barbara and Matt) and later on I was able to study blogging with Prof Rapp.

I honestly believe that if I had transferred, I would not be blogging to you all today. 

So guys, take the good, the bad and the ugly and just know that you aren’t alone! When it sucks, yeah it sucks; but when it’s great it’s really really really great! 

xx Aubrey 

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  1. Love this! I’m in college right now (I’m also a theta!) and struggling to keep up with my blog along with everything else. It’s nice to read this and see kind of where you started, and far you’ve come!

  2. Currently in my college career and I think I’ve finally found the balance of school work and blog work. It can honestly be a challenge. Definitely agree that college isn’t all fun. For instance I just took a test for my Trends Forecasting class and got a 54%…..so bummed.

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