Our Cape Cod Inspired Back Patio Renovation & Reveal!

[outfit_details] Thank you Scotties Facial Tissues for sponsoring this post. Over the past couple of months, Matt and I have spent considerably more time at home – working, living, and now entertaining, than we have ever done in the past. Back in […]

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Our Cape Cod Inspired Back Patio Renovation & Reveal The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow


Thank you Scotties Facial Tissues for sponsoring this post.

Over the past couple of months, Matt and I have spent considerably more time at home – working, living, and now entertaining, than we have ever done in the past. Back in March, we decided to use our time at home as productively as we could, by tackling some leftover house projects from our 2019 renovation. We, of course, started with smaller items on our to-do list like paint touch-ups and seasonal closet changeovers. Yet as we got further into 2020 we soon anticipated having even more time at home, especially during the summer and fall. The thought of a summer at home lead us to rethink our outdoor living and propelled us to take on a spontaneous patio renovation.

In the past, Matt and I were rarely home during the summer, which made investing in outdoor living – not really practical. Our summer weekends were usually booked entirely through, with travel plans all across New England, yet this year certainly looks much different.

With what feels like ample time at home during the weekends, Matt and I decided to finally address our backyard patio situation. So without further ado here is our Cape Cod inspired back patio renovation & reveal!

Like many, Matt and I are known for summer allergies and with this renovation taking place in the spring and early June, we were sure to have a box of Scotties Facial Tissues‘ new Triple Soft formula on hand. To minimizing dirt getting into our home with constant foot traffic, I always try to have one of Scotties Facial Tissues stylish boxes in our patio area – whether we’re working on our outdoor space or entertaining. Not only do these boxes come in a variety of coastal and plant designs, which you can check out here – but they’re now readily available at your local Dollar Tree store!

Now with our summer allergeries under control, we spent our evenings and weekends taking what was once an uninviting weed-filled brick patio and turned it into a patio oasis, complete with hydrangeas, decorative pillows, and umbrellas for shade – because I love nothing more than having a shady place to read a book. So with a limited budget, here’s how we transformed our dismal patio into a Cape Cod inspired getaway.

Step 1: Power Washing & Relaying The Patio

First things first, our patio needed a good old fashion wash. When it comes to exterior cedar showers, brick patios, or wood homes – never underestimate the potential of a power wash.

Within a couple of hours, we were able to clearly see the condition of our patio which was now clear of moss, grime, and weeds. Specifically, we were now able to see any damaged bricks that needed to be replaced along with where we needed to reapply leveling sand in hopes of preventing water from accumulating on a rainy day. Overall relaying and adding new leveling sand was probably the most time-consuming part of our project – but starting with a good base is essential to keeping any space looking good and keeping your guests safe. An uneven brick with summer flip flops is a tumble waiting to happen.

Step 2: Adding Boxwoods To The Back Of The House & Hydrangeas To The Patio

We really wanted to add some Cape Cod flare with greenery. The past owners had a mixture of plants in the back of the house along with red landscaping rocks – so we decided to update the space to a cleaner look with boxwoods, hydrangeas, and brown mulch. In the end, Matt planted five new boxwood bushes and laid clean mulch to instantly change the look of our outdoor living space.

Next, I wanted to bring some color into our patio renovation and backyard area – so you bet I decided to incorporate endless summer hydrangeas. Nothing says Cape Cod quite like blooming hydrangeas, which fit perfectly in these two wooden planters. I then placed the planters on either side of the patio to help frame the space. Overall plants are an affordable way to really add color, aesthetic, and charm to any outdoor living space. Not to mention boxwoods are basically impossible to kill, so I highly recommend them to any beginners like us.

Step 3: Cape Cod Inspired Patio Furniture

To finish our patio renovation, we needed to invest in some patio furniture! To achieve that Cape Cod look, I was looking for a set with clean lines and white cushions. After a few weeks of looking – I pulled the trigger on a set I found at Target. I went ahead and purchased two club seats, this coffee table, and two sets of striped tassel pillows in pink which you can check out here & here. Matt was kind enough to purchase the matching loveseat to our patio, as part of my birthday gift! Finally, to add some much-needed shade to this space, I repurposed and spray painted an old cast iron umbrella stand and added this white linen umbrella.

It might have taken us a few months, to pull together, but overall I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

On that note, I hope you liked seeing what we’ve been up to this past June! Having time to tackle a patio renovation was something I had NOT foreseen for Matt and I, in 2020 – but it’s certainly been one of my favorite home projects we’ve done so far this year.

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