Serendipity: August 2017

Wow, it’s time to start wrapping up the summer of 2017, I can’t believe it. I would go on record saying this has been the most ‘unusual’ summer I’ve had yet, so I felt like it was time to touch […]

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What to Wear to Brunch at the Ocean House-9010Wow, it’s time to start wrapping up the summer of 2017, I can’t believe it. I would go on record saying this has been the most ‘unusual’ summer I’ve had yet, so I felt like it was time to touch base with you all.

For anyone new around here, “Serendipity’ posts are where I recap the latest happenings, on the blog (including sharing my most recent favorite posts) along with an update on my life. Think of it as a way for us to sit down and get the details on what’s going on in our lives. 

Anyway, let’s jump in! How to create the perfect name for your blog-9639

How to create the perfect name for your blog-9551
How to create the perfect name for your blog-9430

read Tips on creating your brand’s name

A lot has happened over these past three months and I feel like I’m finally running the tight ship, I’ve always wanted for the TCC Brand. This serendipity post will be focused mostly on all the changes we’ve made, behind the scenes, dedicated to running the best brand possible. 

Running a blog is like running an amusement park, you have 1,000 different things to do all at once, however, none of them are particularly hard. For example: answering emails, answering brand calls, invoicing, tracking finances, content brainstorm sessions, editing photos, shooting photos, buying props, setting up shoot locations, hiring photographers and my favorite writing content. 

Nothing from the list above is rocket science, BUT it all demands attention, kind of like a water park. You have the wave pool, the slides, the food stands, the lifeguards (employees), the clients (aka visitors) and the bottom line. It all requires attention, and sometimes it all requires attention at the exact same time; and when this happens, it’s a long day. 

Overall, I use to constantly feel behind and overwhelmed; which often added a lot of unnecessary stress to my blog and life. 

The thing with blogging is, a lot of things are last minute. That’s just the nature of the beast, whether that means a brand cancels on a collaboration going live next week (leaving me limited time to brainstorm, shoot and produce a whole new post) or if a brand emails you Tuesday expecting a full draft (edited photos, written content, social promotions) within two days, yes that has happened to me, it all can just be a tad hectic.72 Hours in Westin-5159

Samoa Cake - by Jamie from Treats & Trends-2
5 Ice Cream Stands to Visit in CT-1220

Summer 2017 Food Content: Samoas Cake Recipe // 5 Best Ice Cream Stands in CT

Which don’t get me wrong, I kind of love.

I love those close deadlines, it makes my job exciting and really makes me grow as a creative person and blogger; however, it also means a lot of things I had scheduled to get done, either get pushed back or don’t get done till days later; thus the always feeling behind feeling

So going into June, and after talking to my mentors, I decided to scale back on content. & maybe some of you have noticed. 

We use to publish Monday through Friday, but honestly, it was resulting in our crew publishing content that didn’t always speak to me, which I HATED, along with not being consistent in our publishing days (meh). 

So I took a breather and decided we’d only be publishing MondayWednesday, and Friday. By scaling back on two days, our team is now able to create better and more value based content, which by my analytics, I can tell you are all loving. 

So this summer, I learned QUALITY VS. QUANTITY. The Approach -9717 copy

Afternoon on the Riverwalk -5554
9 Picturesque New England Summer Beach Towns-6842


The next thing I learned was being self-aware of my strengths and weaknesses. & I think anyone can relate to this. 

As my brand and TCC crew grows; we aim to bring you the best content out there. We aim to bring you content that inspires you to embrace New England living within your own life, and that is our mission plain and simple. 

I’ve been working on being more self-aware in terms of what I’m awesome at (creating content, branding, styling, editing images, connecting with readers and showcasing New England lifestyle) along with some things, I’m not so good at (finances, budgeting, brand communication, spelling, and negotiation). 

So for those things I’m not so great at, I’ve hired on some extra assistance. The Approach -9094

The Engagement Timeline -1
Texas Hill Country-5299


We have our TCC interns helping us communicate with brands, as sometimes it’s overwhelming tackling my inbox alone, and finally, I ‘promoted’, Matt to the head of TCC Operations. 

What that means is, Matt is in charge of budgeting spending costs, creating brand invoices, negotiating with brands and editing all written sections of my post. 

By really taking the time to meditate on what I’ve been struggling with, I was able to hire the best people for those days where the amusement park is at full capacity. 

I guess I learned that at some point delegation isn’t an option but rather the only solution, to making our brand work. 

Anyway, this summer has been mostly work and no play, so I’m excited to announce an upcoming trip Matt, my family & I have! Tee Time Toghether - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship-44

Tee Time Toghether - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship-55
Tee Time Together - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship


We are going to….


We leave late August for Kerry, Ireland and I can’t wait to bring you all along on the adventure. Please leave any recommendations you might have below, especially restaurants, food is my favorite activity when traveling.

Again, thank you guys, for listening to this rather rambling update. & I’m happy to report, fall is within our mists and I just can’t wait. We certainly have lots to look forward too, and by lots I mean, lots and lots of bath and body works candles. 

Anyway update me on your life below.

xx Aubrey 



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  1. I can’t wait until I get to the stage where I have people I can delegate some of the work too. So many things to do in only so many hours of the day. PS your white and blue pinstripe dress you wore to the beach is adorable!

  2. I love this update! I am so glad that you feel content with the blog and have focused on making changes for the better. I am a relatively new reader and I absolutely love following along.
    I can’t wait to see your posts on Ireland!

    Taylor | http://www.livingtaylored.com

  3. What a great summer you are having! Can’t believe it is already August. My family and I are going to Ireland too in September and I can’t wait! Looking forward to reading about what you do to steal some ideas for my trip 🙂 XO elle

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