Three Holiday Party Hairstyles

[video_widget] [/video_widget]   Metallic Skirt || Sweater  || Holiday Hair Accessories 1, 2, & 3  This is by far the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you’re leisurely driving down your local Main Street to see the holiday lights or […]

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Metallic Skirt || Sweater  || Holiday Hair Accessories 1, 2, & 3 

This is by far the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you’re leisurely driving down your local Main Street to see the holiday lights or walking through the bustling malls to grab a stocking stuffer or two; this time of year is summed up in one word…extravagant. 

To be honest it’s just all over the top, from the gingerbread lattes to the number of events I’ve received invitations to; the holiday season is all about going all in. I never thought I would EVER have a full work and social schedule during the most wonderful time of the year, but recently I’ve been running it pretty tight between holiday events and realized I was just spending too much time on my dang hair. 

 I have really soft hair which means after a day or two of not washing it, it falls unflatteringly straight while sticking to just about everything due to static; yuck. I found that I really didn’t have time to rewash my hair every day before my scheduled evening festivities so I went in to see an expert…Abbe, a local Hartford County hairstylist.

Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0231
Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0113
Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0157
Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0230
Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0246

 + Above you’ll find images for my go-to holiday hairstyle The Half Up! If you are headed to a family function, dinner or meet-up, I’d highly recommend requesting this do. This style has been a favorite of mine since the age of five. It’s by far one of the most versatile styles as it’s easy to add details, like a little feather pictured above, a velvet bow or even an elegant barrette.

If you are a long time reader here then you know, I basically have one hairstyle…straight. I pretty much leave it at that. I’ve tried curling my hair on my own before a party or photo shoot but I often find myself rushed and with a horrid outcome. Soooo with this season being extravagant and all…why not treat yourself to a blowout. 

I met with Abbe, who does blowouts, cuts, and updos to show you guys three-holiday party hairstyles. Blowouts are perfect for the busy business woman or student, it’s the most relaxing multi-tasking you’ll ever get done. I can answer emails, respond to DM’s, move around my google calendar; all while Abbe works magic on my hair. In the end, my to-do list is checked off, my hair is looking Jackie Kennedy statist and most importantly I can make it to my 7 PM holiday events, while not having to skip out on work.Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0319

Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0302
Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0357
Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0494
holiday photo-0531
Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0415

+ Above you’ll find images for my glam holiday hairstyle, the low-do. We used my day old curls and bobby pinned them into this stunning low maintenance bun. This hairstyle was pretty quick to pull together and we stuck two hairpins on the side to add some glam to this effortless holiday look. 

Before I dive into the final hairstyle, I’d love to hear from you all…what’s your go-to hairstyle for the holidays? By far my favorite part about getting a blowout is getting to test out new looks, so leave any suggestions you might have below. I absolutely love reading each and every one of your comments. Okay, I digress, to our last holiday hairstyle below.

+ Below you’ll find the most formal of our three hairstyles shown, The French Twist. I LOVE a classic French twist, but who doesn’t. Overall, it feels very regal to me, so when Abbe suggested it I couldn’t resist. This look is something I actually hope to recreate for an upcoming event, so I’ll let you know how that goes over on instagram. xx Aubrey

Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0729
Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0544
Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0552
Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0571
Three Holiday Party Hairstyles-0727

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