Winter Whites & Blogging Shoot Prep

Turtleneck || Vest || Slacks || Heels || Watch (use code COASTALCONFIDENCE for 15% off) || Wallet  Recently I’ve received a lot of questions from you all about this little thing called ‘blogging’. I LOVE answering your emails about blogging and it’s about […]

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Turtleneck || Vest || Slacks || Heels || Watch (use code COASTALCONFIDENCE for 15% off) || Wallet 

Recently I’ve received a lot of questions from you all about this little thing called ‘blogging’. I LOVE answering your emails about blogging and it’s about time I started talking about it over here on the blog.

In order to run a blog full time, you’ll need to work on a few essential things; and today I’m going to chat about the most important ingredient for blogging, content.

I believe content should be your do all be all. Without unique content you literally can’t have readers, because they’ll literally have nothing to read. So content is KEY! 

Now let’s talk about how we make that killer content.



Creating great content starts with one thing, preparation. Recently I’ve felt overwhelmed and unorganized, which leads to unneccesary anxiety. I was really feeling under pressure and then I read the following quote.

 “I think pressure is that uneasy feeling that you feel when you’re unprepared. Pressure is self-inflicted. Pressure is self-doubt when you’re unprepared. We’re prepared for this job. We’re prepared for success at this job. We’re prepared for adversity in this job. So I don’t feel any sense of pressure at all.” – Tom Herman (New Football Coach for The University of Texas). 

You know you live in Texas when you’re quoting football coaches, but anyway, I read Coach Herman’s comment and literally had an aha moment. Pressure comes from being unprepared. So recently I’ve been going the extra mile to make sure I’m as prepped as possible, before going into a blogging shoot, and I’m sharing all the details below!



Blog Shoot Prep:

1) Blog Post Title – Okay first things first, I’ll always decide on the post’s title before even shooting the content. I know that sounds crazy, but by doing this you give yourself a goal. The title, or goal, should explain what you are trying to capture and showcase to your reader.

For instance I recently created a blog post that would capture my favorite holiday tradition, ice skating, before even shooting the post I decided on Ice Skating in Bushnell Park as the title. By writing down the title, it gave me a ‘mission statement’ for that post and even helped me pick a shoot location. Overall giving your post a title, gives you structure and personally helps me figure out what exactly my vision is for the post.

2) Outfit – Okay every good post needs a good outfit. The outfit doesn’t have to be anything fancy but it should set the tone of the post. For instance, this post is focused on blogging aka work, so I’ve captured a winter work style I just can’t get enough of.

3) LOCATION IS EVERYTHING – Location is everything, I’m a true believer in that. I think it’s essential to showcase locations that align with the post’s mission. For instance my Take the Scenic Route post was shot on one of my favorite scenic routes in CT.

Location brings an authentic style to your post, so take the time to shoot in your favorite places, cafes, streets, brick walls or shopping plazas. Locations allow your readers to see where you’ve been and inspire them to go.

4) Props – Yup, I bring props to every blogging shoot. Props can be as elaborate as ice skates or as simple as a bag of cider donuts and a bottle of fresh cider. Props help the reader to understand what you’re doing in the space. Are you ice skating, eating or Christmas shopping? Using props and showcasing an action brings your images to life, and it’s a great way to get errands done as I was literally Christmas shopping with my mom before we shot these images.

5) Equipment – Oh god, once I drove halfway down to Mystic and realized I forgot my camera. The equipment is obviously essential for a shoot, so make sure your battery is charged, lens is packed (I like using this lens for outfit shoots) and your photographer is ready.

Okay that’s all I got for you guys! I hope this helps take some of the pressure of creating content off your shoulders. Please comment below & let me know what other blogging posts you’d like to see. I’m here to please so leave a comment below xx Aubrey.


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