Our Fall Landscaping Plan with Tilly

[outfit_details] Matt and I finally completed our indoor renovations! You can check out almost all of our projects from start to finish on our Youtube channel. Now, we’re on to exterior remodeling.Today we’re discussing our fall landscaping plan with you […]

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Our Fall Landscaping With Tilly The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow


Matt and I finally completed our indoor renovations! You can check out almost all of our projects from start to finish on our Youtube channel. Now, we’re on to exterior remodeling.Today we’re discussing our fall landscaping plan with you all! 

Initial plans for the exterior renovation of our New England fixer-upper made me really worried. I’m generally aware of what I am good at and admit were my flaws my be. I have no issue creating interior spaces, building out closets, and shiplap-ing ceilings.  But, the idea of creating an entire landscaping plan was not in my capacity. That is until Tilly!

 One day while going through my mailbox, I received an email from Tilly. Now, whenever I get an email from a brand, I first and foremost go to their website and look for a mission statement. With a click of the mouse, I stumbled upon Tilly’s mission statement that reads: Our mission is to “take the intimidation out of the world of landscaping and make high-end, beautiful design available to every homeowner.”

Needless to say, those words were music to my ears and I quickly took Tilly up on the opportunity to help Matt and I design our landscaping plan!

I completed the intake survey, provided a space assessment, and chatted with my landscape designer, Blythe, to create the plans you see below! Throughout the process, I learned the best part about Tilly is how efficient and thorough the designers are. Plus, Tilly worked with my hectic schedule – and they’ll work with yours too! I utilized all their communication options including Facetime, emailing, and text messaging. The whole experience was really personal to my needs as Matt and I continue to make our house our home. Thanks to Tilly, we now have a renovation gameplan!

Below you’ll find images, homes, and designs that inspired our design – along with what our custom Tilly plan looks like.


Front Yard Landscaping: 

 My goal for front yard landscaping started by incorporating two families of plants – Hydrangea & Buxus. The hedge-like styles create a clean look. 

We chose to incorporate 11 Endless Summer Hydrangeas to create a hedge-like form for the plants to flourish in – as seen here. Next, we planted over 20 Buxus Green Gem plants to replicate an iconic boxwood hedge as seen here and in many historic districts’ landscaping. We decided on a green, blue and white color scheme to keep things simple. It was important not to overpower the color of our home and the vintage American Flag we hope to hang – as seen here. 

New England Landscaping Inspiration The Coastal Confidence
New England Landscaping Inspiration The Coastal Confidence
this old house Connecticut fixer uppers the coastal confidence

Curb Appeal & Side Yard: 

My goal with the side yard was to maintain privacy while creating something beautiful for both ourselves and lovely neighbors to enjoy. With that in mind, Tilly recommended viburnum opulus for our side yard! Tilly thought lining the side yard with 10 viburnum opulus plants would complement the hydrangeas in our front yard – all while maintaining privacy for us and our neighbors. 

To highlight my love for colonial flair, my Tilly designer suggested we add a white picket fence with limelights along our curbside. The fence gives our yard a finished look and fills space between our home and the road. 

One of the first things Matt and I hope to do in the spring is to install a flag pole. Our home is the first property residents pass when entering our neighborhood. So, we want to make a stately scene. 

Back Yard:

My overall goal for the backyard was to keep it cohesive with the front yard planting we did this fall. We plan to plant the layout in spring. Since we have a gorgeous view of a blueberry farm, we wanted to keep the backyard simple. 

The most exciting renovation of our backyard will be removing the existing rock steps and patio. We love the idea of incorporating granite steps to pay homage to the historic homes of New England.

While we had to take down a few trees in the front – we did discover a few baby maple trees in the back yard with gorgeous orange foliage. Overall we are hoping to keep these and maintain them for falls to come. Finally, instead of Endless Summer Hydrangeas like in the front, we decided to go with 11 Limelight Hydrangeas in a line formation in the backyard to bring the contrast of white and green which is a look I love. 

Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us as we renovate the exterior of our little New England Cape!

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Thank you to Tilly for creating this design for us!   
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  1. So great! – love the inspiration photos you shared. And LOVE learning more about this easy landscape service. I’m sure your yard is looking beautiful!

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